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Friday, June 04, 2004

Top 5's 7/28/04

Top 5 things I wish they'd change about children's toys:
5. Rather than the #1 song stuck in my head, I've got "Just A Spoon Full of Sugar...." playing over and over again.
4. Faces of the "children on the school bus" aren't quite human.
3. Music on basketball goal is so catchy daughter pushes button again, and again, and again...again.......again.......
2. Song plays just long enough to drive mommy crazy.
1. Creepy adult voice talking out of the toy.

Top 5 board games I loved as a child:
5. Chinese Checkers
4. Connect Four
3. Sorry!
2. Clue
1. Life

Top 5 things we bicker about before a trip:
5. Who moved the pile of stuff I had laid out?
4. Oh yeah? Well you haven't done nearly as much packing as I have!
3. I can't help you right now! I'm trying to get my own stuff together!
2. Did you remember (insert item)?
1. I thought you were gonna pack the (insert item)!

Top 5 daydreams this week:
5. Mommy flies away to a tropical paradise where no one needs anything from her and only want to meet her every need.
4. Mommy goes to the spa for a day and gets every treatment possible, from a deep tissue massage to a hair and face make over (excluding the Brazillian bikini wax....no thank you.)
3. Mommy goes to the bookstore and spends several hours reading everything from the latest UsWeekly to the #1 bestseller.
2. Mommy lays down and takes a big nap while baby does the dishes, sweeps the house and fixes dinner.
1. Mommy spends a few minutes alone in the restroom without a toddler saying "mama? mama? mama?" outside the door!

Top 5 songs dedicated to mommy, with love. (remember this is tongue in cheek!)
5. I Believe In You and Me
4. You Light Up My Life
3. Just the Two of Us
2. You're Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady
1. You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings

Top 5 favorite times of day:
5. naptime
4. around 3pm--daughter wakes up from nap refreshed and very sweet.
3. around 6-7pm--family time begins
2. my daughter's bedtime
1. my bedtime

Top 5 most ridiculous reality tv shows that I've never watched simply because the ads are so ridiculous:
5. Paradise Hotel
4. The Ultimate Love Test
3. Fear Factor
2. Temptation Island
1. The Anna Nicole Show

Top 5 meals I make in a week:
5. pizza
4. something hamburger helper
3. tacos
2. nachos
1. macaroni and cheese

Top 5 favorite films to date: UPDATED 6/24
5. (LOTR trilogy)
4. Whale Rider
3. Amelie
2. Life Is Beautiful
1. The Royal Tenenbaums (or any Wes Anderson film)

Top 5 phrases I say in a day to my toddler:
5. "Do your teeth hurt?" (any whining results in me using this phrase.)
4. "Are you hungry?"
3. "No" (typically followed by) "Momma said No!"
2. "Do not touch!"
1. "Momma loves you"

Top 5 comedians:
(Honorable mentions: Bonnie Hunt, Owen Wilson, Wanda Sykes, Jim Gaffigan, and many others)
5. Ben Stiller
4. Will Ferrell
3. Ellen Degeneres
2. Jerry Seinfeld
1. Bill Murray


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