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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Embarrassing moments and more...

Life is so serious sometimes it is fun to hear about something ridiculous that happened to someone else. Here's an embarrassing moment of mine that I thought might brighten someone's day...

In college I studied dance, and it was our first performance of the year. We had these stupid outfits on sort of like Las Vegas showgirls with head pieces and sequins (but not revealing) and we had to do this tap routine. Anyway, about mid way thru the performance my halter top came unclasped from behind my neck and fell down! I grabbed it just in time with both hands and tried to fix it but couldnt (Im still tapping away, mind you.) So I keep going with my hand on my shirt holding it up. By now the whole crowd is watching with anticipation to see what Im going to do. I tap my way over to the curtain and run behind it just as the rest of the girls start a big kick line (way cheesy routine I might add.) After the girls took their bow I popped my head out and gave the crowd a wave. Everybody laughed. Very embarrassing. The rest of the night I felt like all eyes were on me to see if I'd gotten my clothes on right!

Today's TOP 5's
Top 5 dream jobs (jobs I would love to do and also have the skills to tackle.)

5. Superstar/Gifted Actor: Ok, something I know very little about except what I read about on the pages of magazines, but from my perspective it looks pretty good. I did study acting in college so I have some skills in this area, and maybe if I had started earlier it could have been a bigger dream. But to really be believable and respected as an actor. Not a wannabe!
4. Tour Dancer: Not sure exactly what this requires, but a few years ago I would have liked to have tackled this one. In my dreams (remember these are "dream" jobs) I would have traveled the world with some big tour as a back up dancer. (a little cheesey but hey.)
3. Beach Critic: --not much different from the Spa Tester but basically on this job I would be expected to travel to exotic locales and test the beaches...(whatever that means....)
2. Spa Tester: (yes, believe it or not I am qualified to test spas..ha!) I would like to have the terrible job of spending weeks away at different exotic locales getting massages, facials, and every meal prepared by a gourmet chef!
1. Wife and mother to my great family...the cliche answer but really...life in reality is not so bad.


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