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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Today's Top 5's

Because school starts Monday here, these are the Top 5 school anxieties I remember:
5. What would everyone else be wearing the first day?
4. After a whole summer of only hearing about him, how would that first encounter with my ex boyfriend go.
3. That big list one teacher would always give you with all the reports, tests, and required work for the whole year listed.
2. Did any friends get this class too?
1. Where in the world is room A-27?

Lil' Lu's World
She's still getting her last 3 teeth in and it's been rough, but what can I expect? Im sure if I were cutting teeth I'd be in bed with a cool wash cloth on my forehead and tylenol within reach! So we just try to make it thru.

But one thing that has really helped are these plastic eggs I got for her to play with. You know, the one's you get around Easter to hide and put in baskets. These eggs have gotten more mileage the last two weeks than any other toy we have ever gotten her! She carries them around in an old water gallon jug with the top cut off. We dump them out then pick them up one by one. We take all the eggs apart and put them back together matching. We take them apart and put them back together unmatching. We take them apart and stack them as high as we can...then knock them over. We lay the halves out on the table in squares, circles, color coordinated patterns, flower shapes, straight lines. We make a long line of the halves across the living room floor. Then we put them all back together again and toss them in the jug, or the big metal bowl, or the wagon, or the old oatmeal round container.

The jug has gone with us to Kinkos, Walmart, the park, church (but we have to leave it in the car!), and anywhere else mom and dad let her bring it! Hurray for the 15cent toy!


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