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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

it is finished

the moving, that is. thank the Lord we are actually here. i cant tell you how much i love our new place--new rooms to organize, new places to visit, new friends to know better. we are here. Luxie and I had a special afternoon the other day, walking to the park together just the two of us. she loved it and so did I, we get so few moments alone together without interruption. and i would love to tell you all about the new house, the fun trip to IKEA to get a few things we'd been saving up for, and the great time weve been having with my dad in town, but i cant. I cant because I spent last night on the floor of the bathroom, deep in a sickness i have not experienced for years. a horrible, ugly sickness i had almost forgotten existed. i can barely fathom the thought of the rest of the family getting this, not now, not with so much to do. i sit here in bed waiting for the strength to return to my body, and praying that with every touch of my children i am not passing this along. i want to unpack, to get thru these piles of boxes. but it will all have to wait until i can find the strength to move.

so we are here, and sooooo glad.


Blogger joy madison said...

yay, congrats!!!! pictures, pictures!fc

4:35 PM

Blogger meridith said...

yay! congratulations! i am moving this weekend and should be packing right now!

6:08 PM

Anonymous pawpaw said...

Hope you are feeling much better by now....Soooooooooo happy for you all and the new house! Can't wait to see how you guys have fixed it up.....The Lord is a great God and answers prayer as we know HE does. The last time I was that sick was 1976 and I can remember it like it was yesterday..So sorry you had to go through that...May God bless your recovery...Tell the clan hello from pawpaw!

10:22 PM

Anonymous rahlo said...

congrats on the new crib! can't wait to see it!

tell nate I said to gimme a call soon.



6:49 PM


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