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Friday, October 27, 2006

tv time

There are so many great shows on this fall I thought I would fill you in on what we are watching. Nate and I have always loved watching television and films together. I know sometimes it isnt the best thing, but it is something we both enjoy. We both have our favorites and our guilty pleasures, and of course our must see tv. We dont watch every single one of these shows every week, but thru the power of Tivo we get to enjoy them whenever time allows. So here we go!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition (definitely a guilty pleasure. I tear up every week.)
Brothers and Sisters (havent watched every episode, but it's a good Tivo save for Fri or Sat nites home)

Prison Break (Nate's show)
Heroes (very interesting--a little gross at times)
Studio 60 (very smart and a little controversial)

Friday Night Lights (something new)

30 Rock (it has good moments)
LOST (of course!)
Top Chef (great)

Survivor (an old friend we Tivo)
The Office (so good!)
Grey's Anatomy (another guilty pleasure)

Men In Trees (sweet little show I rather enjoy)

There are so many others Ive heard are good, but really, Nate and I both agree we just cant handle another! What are you watching?


Blogger lancerdake said...

my wife and i don't miss lost! i work 5-9 but had the hours switched to 4ish-8ish. but i can actually watch tv as i write progress notes, so i might miss a few minutes running home during a commerical break.

who do you thing has the tumor? i'm thinking little benny-boy. he might have "gotten caught" has a "well, i'm gonna die soon anyway" type of thing...

2:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we watch:
prison break
the new adventures of old christine
how i met your mother
the class
jeff watches heros (i don't like the gore)
vanished (if it comes back?)
desparate housewives
and brothers and sisters

9:18 AM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

What is it about "Law and Order" that obsesses me along with ESPN? We do like the "Bill Gaither Singing Specials" and they hit home every time we watch them. Have Nate tell me more about "Prison Break"!

3:47 PM


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