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Friday, January 19, 2007


The other day Luxie was running around singing a little song she learned at school. It went something like this,

"You like me, there's no daddy baddy, You like me there's no daddy baddy, you like me there's no daddy baddy, you are my good friend."

It took me a minute to figure out the real lyrics ("no doubt about it"), but I couldnt help getting a kick out of her interpretation! I think this is one of God's little ways of helping us thru the tough times of raising kids. They honestly say some of the funniest things Ive ever heard!

Right now Luxie is going thru the "question" stage of childhood. She is just dying to understand everything, and I am doing my best to make things clear. The worst time is in the car when Nate and I are having a conversation. It's like we ve got someone peeking over our shoulder asking questions they dont understand! It goes something like this:
I say to Nate "the car kept dying today"
and we hear from the backseat "someone is DYING?"
"no sweetheart, no one is dying"
"but you said someone is dying!"
"No Luxie, (over my shoulder) we said 'the car is dying'"
"The car is DYING?"
"no, the car isnt dying, it just means that the car wasnt working right."
"the car isnt working right?"
"right, the car kept quitting today, now let me finish telling daddy the story"
"why was the car quitting?"
"i dont know sweetheart, that's why im telling daddy, now let me finish please."
5 seconds pass
"are we going to have to get a new car?"

This happens CONSTANTLY thruout the day and i know my mom has some sly grin on her face as she reads this thinking "oh... I remember." Yes, it is a typical stage of childhood, and actually, it's much better than a lot of the other phases we seem to go thru, but MY GOODNESS it is exhausting. I will be honest, Ive tried a variety of things to avoid the drawn out conversations--feigning ignorance "hmm? i dont know" ignoring the questions (this only leads to multiple repeats of the questions until I answer..."mommy? mommy? mommy? did you hear me? mommy?" and the old "let's ask daddy when he gets home" but nothing seems to work. Ive resigned myself to the fact that i have one bright girl here who will stop at nothing to get her question answered.

zaine, on the other hand is AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

(this blog post was interrupted by my checking on Zaine who had wandered around the corner and finding her with a poopie diaper, opened and smashed onto the floor and her hands.)

AAAAAAAA!!! I pause for one moment and the girl is always INTO SOMETHING!

(after a major clean up involving much antibacterial soap all over bodies and the floor, Im back to say....)

....Zaine is my quiet, plays alone girl with a very funny personality. She is content to entertain herself (thank you Lord) but loves to get into things because she is an explorer. However she wants to be wherever Luxie is, and loves to act out what she sees Luxie doing. They actually have a ball together, when Lux wants to play with her. In fact their favorite pasttime is Zaine pushing Luxie int the doll stroller.

Needless to say, it's been quite a ride around here lately!


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