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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lemony Snickets around here

So the last two days have been a ride. It's been like a series of crazy incidences. Odd things have been happening left and right! I mean, how often do you find your 12 month old wandering around chewing on a snow globe? How often do you pick up that child with a snow globe in her hand, and begin to wonder why your sleeve is wet? And when you look down at your sleeve you find the snowglobe leaking its odd liquid all over you? And then you realize that is why your 12 month old was sucking on it? And how often do you freak out and call poison control because your daughter ingested "snow globe liquid?" And how often do you hear someone say "we have no recorded incidences of stomach pumping because of a snow globe?" They did however, warn us to keep an eye out for the big V or big D and fever, due to bacteria in the liquid. Shaved another couple years off my life...! Zaine seems to be fine aside from some crazy diapers (her body fighting the substance, thankfully) but--I keep waiting to find glitter or some fake snow....

Then today I was in the basement with the girls watching Nate build the walls. Our basement is unfinished but we are trying to get it built before the end of the month, and he is doing all of the work he can before hiring out. So we have this big rule about "wearing shoes" because, of course, there are dangerous things lying all around like nails and splintered boards and such. Well Luxie had a moment of dancing around crazy and I had to calm her immediately because just behind her was this board with nails sticking up out of it. I could just see her step back on top of it or worse yet fall onto it. And no more did I get the words out of my mouth before I stepped back RIGHT onto a nail pierced board. Yes, I know, slippers hardly count for shoes and I ought to know better, but WOW was I surprised by that nail. "A NAIL! A NAIL! I STEPPED ON A NAIL!" I must have said it 700 times while balancing on one foot with Zaine in my arms. Nate grabbed my foot and pulled the nail board out and im not kidding, I felt a little suction "pop". "Take the baby, take the baby, take the baby..." was all i could get out and when Nate grabbed her I headed for the stairs crawling up on my hands and knees. All I could think about were those horror stories of lockjaw and I knew I hadnt had a tetnus shot in YEARS. I was heading straight for the antibacterial whatnot--anything to prevent the side effects if there were going to be any! What's funny is that when I got to the bathroom, I realized there wasnt much pain, and actually, there wasnt any blood. The hole was there.. small, but definitely there, so I have no idea what happened! And thankfully, it never really ended up hurting too badly. And my jaw seems to be working just fine, so another tragedy averted....

And now Im off to bed, to get some rest before a new day dawns. I have no idea how to prepare for what mishaps await me in the morning!


Blogger andrea said...

what is going on over there!?!?

(I'm sorry I couldn't help myself, I'm so glad both you and zaine are okay))

10:52 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

man i havne't read blogs in forever! miss reading you!
sorry for the crazy day but it made for a funny read!

11:36 AM

Blogger frothy-froth said...

Sounds like you had a zany day.
I stepped on a board with a big nail in it one Christmas morning
a couple of centuries ago. My mother paniced and literally ran me to the hospital with me on her back. My Dad had the car at work and it was before two-car families. They gave me a tetanus shot and sent me home. I'm still around, but you should get a shot soon just to be safe.

3:48 PM

Blogger meridith said...

oh my gosh, you poor girl. the snow globe alone would be enough to put anyone over the edge but a nail too? OUCH! i once stepped on a piece of glass and i still shudder thinking about it. glad to hear you are both ok!

12:46 AM

Blogger Glamorous Jo said...




1:12 AM


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