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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Good morning!

Well that crazy girl of ours is on to something new. The eggs are old news, cant even get her to play with them these days. But her new favorite thing is socks! She has this pair of red fuzzy socks that she insists upon wearing on her hands like mittens. She even carefully aligns the heels with her thumbs for more comfort. These red fuzzy socks are worn throughout the day, whether we are playing outside or in, riding in the car, or reading books before naptime. (She even wears them during her nap!)

Today we went to the grocery store and she just had to wear them in. So we are strolling around in the shopping cart, me and my sock-handed daughter, enduring the stares of other shoppers. At one point a dad and daughter stopped near us and I felt the need to explain her sock hands. For a moment I thought maybe I'd play on his sympathies and tell him a story about how she had badly sunburned her hands and was forced to wear bandages. The only way to keep her from playing with the bandages was to cover her hands with socks. But no, that wouldn't be right, so instead I launched into an epic explanation of my daughter's funny obsessions with eggs, tickling, and now socks. He was kind and understanding, but I soon realized there wasn't much need to go on and awkwardly strolled away.


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