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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

a meme

how refreshing, a meme. like a tall glass of water. my sister in law over at hulaseventy has a meme up that is so perfect for my frame of mind right now.

you see, i just returned from kroger after a disagreement with someone who was in line BEHIND me but thought they were in front of me and battled me at the register and i acted like a fool and even though i was right i should have behaved better but i was so determined to explain that she was BEHIND me even though she insisted she had been there and yet i had watched her walk up and choose a spot in front of me and had wondered to myself "why is she standing there? shouldnt she stand behind me?" argh! and then she "allowed" me to go in front of her in the midst of it all even though i had BEEN in front of her from the beginning and she finished it all off by then kindly complementing my daughter just before i left heaping burning coals on my head even though i WASNT the one who had made the mistake of thinking i was first to begin with. thus, this afternoon i became the one thing i dread coming close to being.... the angry white woman. argh!

so, i will do this meme and be glad that i am home with my family who all know i am not so much an angry white woman as a frazzled mom with two small children and a massive cold sore on her upper lip. (im not kidding. it looks like ive hung a christmas tree bulb from my upper lip. and that is no exaggeration.)

here are five relatively unknown things about me:

1. I eat a lot. A whole lot. And most people would say, "right....your body looks like a 12 year olds," but i really do. My husband is actually astonished by how much i eat, and tells a story about the first time we ordered pizza together and he assumed he would get most of it thinking i was one of those girls who eats a slice and says she is full. nope. that's not me. i will cheerfully eat up my meal and some of yours if you will let me. i actually eat my three meals a day and then one more meal right before bed, like a plate of nachos or a box of macaroni and cheese or something. i have no idea why i can eat so much, but im going to enjoy it while it lasts.

2. i think i am a "baby whisperer," at least that's the title Nate has given me for it! ok, that sounds bizarre, but really, i think i have some weird way of understanding a baby's needs. i realize most moms know the needs of their babies pretty well, but i sometimes think i should write a book about what i see babies doing and what they are trying to communicate! i know some would say i have limited experience with just two kids, but i really do see some things babies do that i wish more people were aware of! i swear, im not a lunatic. just a very analytical woman with a need to figure things out.

3. I am allergic to animals. and dust. and pollen. and almost everything that exists. except food, of course. my allergies and asthma are controlled by medication, but just the thought of cat fur.....ewww! I have no desire ever in my life to own or possess any kind of furry animal. Yes, there were animals around as i was growing up, but it seems my a/a have gotten worse as ive gotten older...or as ive moved further south. this problem makes for some uncomfortable moments as i meet new people and am introduced to their beloved balls of allergens. Im constantly encouraged to pet the dog "dont worry, he wont bite" (its not the bite im worried about, its that silky sneezeworthy fur covering his body that makes me cringe) or to let the cat rub up against my ankles EEK! No thank you.

4. I have a very hard time spending money on myself. No idea why, and it really makes no sense to me, but it's true. I just see so many other things that money could be spent on like bills, and oh, say, bills, and maybe, um, those things that keep coming in the mail each month... bills. And then the kids, and all the fun things i want them to enjoy. And of course food. And then there are all of the other people in the world who have so little and I just cant justify buying stuff when I already have stuff. Unless it is really really cheap.

5. I would love to have a best friend. I would love to have a girl friend to share all those secret feelings and frustrations with who knows everything about you and you know everything about them. I think there is an acute loneliness that comes from being an only child that carries over into adulthood and the whole making friends process. Dont get me wrong, I have lots of "friends" but i have trouble getting close to any one specific person. Part of it is that i am older now, and many friendships are already established and people just dont get real close in their older years unless they are kinda forced into a relationship either by work or a common event in life. I am hoping that some time in my lifetime God brings a person just right for me to have a grand friendship with. Sounds so corny when I read it but its true!


Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

I think you are SUPER fabulous!!!

4:42 PM

Blogger lulu said...

thanks, aj, you are too. and i LOVE the heritage thing over at your blog. Nate and i have been having a hayday with it! thanks for stopping by!

3:00 PM

Blogger Joy said...

Hey, I just want you to know I too would love a best friend....I'm just not that good at being one, and yeah, most people are already involved with some other "best friend" at this age!

12:52 AM


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