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Saturday, August 11, 2007

i am preparing

for the mother of all consignment sales (well, a really big one anyway) that my daughter's preschool puts on twice a year. this particular sale is fall/winter items and i am under a mound of merchandise sized newborn to 6x as we speak. i love this. i dont know if it is the organizer in me (labeling and tagging and sorting by sizes) or the the thrill of the sale itself that excites me (sellers get to shop the night before which sweetens the deal.) so im gearing up...that's what im doing. ive got to turn things in Wed evening and at this point ive got LOTS to do. but it's something fun, and different from the daily routine. so it's exciting.


Blogger Joy Madison said...

oooh, I want to go to one of those!

3:53 PM


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