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Thursday, August 09, 2007


and I are always going back and forth about food. Last night we were getting ready to BBQ down at our community pool and she and I were packing up the supplies together. As I was loading the mustard, ketchup, and meat into the cooler I paused to steal a dill pickle chip out of the jar.

"Luxie, will you take just a little taste of pickle?" I asked. She has never tasted pickle and refuses to even smell it.
"No. I dont want to taste it."
"Look, it's delicious" I take a bite, "even Zaine will try it" I say and give a tiny bite to Zaine. She chews it for a minute, makes a sour face and spits it out. Thanks for the help baby girl.
"Someday will you try it?"
"Someday I will. Someday in a long, long time" she says.
"A long time, huh?"
"Yes, a long, long time. When I hear the trumpets sound (as in the second coming of Christ) I will taste a pickle" she says.
So yet another reason Im eagerly anticipating the return of the Lord...:)


Blogger Joy Madison said...

my kids are obsessed with pickles...all but jaylie, actually I just gave journey a pickle before her nap....this is too funny

4:10 PM

Blogger lulu said...

i loved pickles as a kid too. i find it so odd that she wont even come close to it--i love them.

7:49 PM


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