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Sunday, August 29, 2004


Sometimes summers are the most boring time of the year for films. But the past few months I've seen some real good flicks! Yesterday my husband and I saw "Hero" staring Jet Li. Wow...so brilliantly beautiful! If you liked "Crouching Tiger...." you will really enjoy this film. It is subtitled, so be ready, but if you like foreign films and enjoy martial arts magic coupled with beautiful cinematography and a heart wrenching storyline you wont be disappointed.

Again, "the Bourne Supremacy" was another favorite this summer, "the Terminal" was also good, and although I wasnt able to see it my husband really liked the twist in "the Village." He has also seen "Manchurian Candidate" and "Collateral" and thought they were good one time sees. Add in "The Anchorman" if you like a little comedy and it wasnt such a bad summer for movies.

Later I will add some fall and winter films I am looking forward to...but for the moment I have gone blank on the titles!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is Jon at http://jon.madisons.com :)

i agree--i've moved to seattle and my family doesn't come up until sept 10th, so i've had plenty of time to check out some flicks--Bourne Supremacy -- great, Napoleon Dynomite -- hilarious, very cute movie. I was surprised that Collateral, for its intensity, had quite a bit of comedy in it (although what was I to expect w/ Jamie Foxx). It was a great movie, definitely worthy of the triller label.

Manchurian candidate waw downright spooky, and a great movie. They played it well.

This is the most movies that i've seen in a lonnnng time, actually. I don't know if it's because the movies are actually better now, or I've just had more time by myself (probably a little of both).


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