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Sunday, April 17, 2005

I love to go to sleep

I love crawling into bed at night and feeling the cool sheets as my head hits the pillow. I love lots of covers and love to feel nice and cozy all curled up in my bed. I love to lay on my stomach, although I used to be a back sleeper. Before having a child I always slept on my back, or at least fell asleep on my back. But my belly got so big that it was terribly uncomfortable, so I started sleeping on my side. Then I guess after my belly went back down and I had the freedom to choose again, I gave the stomach a try and I must say it is bliss!

Ive actually noticed that I sleep different on my stomach depending on which side my head is turned towards. If my head faces right I angle the pillow long-ways and curl my right arm under it with my right leg bent up a little. My left hand goes under the pillow by my head. If my head is turned left, my right arm extends straight under the pillow, which remains horizontal. But my left leg bends up a little and my left arm just bends up a little near the pillow. Interesting how we do these precise poses while we sleep at night. In fact in one position my hand is actually curled up all funny, but if I try to do it any different I dont feel comfortable!

I think sleep is from heaven! I know it has all these great benefits, and certainly rest is a gift from God, but just thinking about it gives me that cozy feeling. I love it.


Blogger mommy zabs said...

So wonderful to meet someone else who can really appreciate the art of sleeping! I come from a long line of sleep lovers!!!
I'm still a back sleeper. Pregnancy was so hard not being able to sleep on my back!!! I do find myself on my side more than I used to though. I have not ventured to belly land... not sure I can do that :)

8:45 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

another bed/sleep lover here! I love my bed....its a king size with the 2 inch memory foam topper! MMMMMMMMMMM!!! And I only buy the best quality sheets (from Sams Club b/c that's the cheapest way to do it) My favorite is white Egyptian cotton, but anything high thread count is fine. I love my down pillow too. The one I've loved for 3 years is getting a little flat...:( My parents have a super phat Sterns and Foster mattress that I've been sleeping on, which is super comfortable, but I miss sleeping with jon!

10:19 PM

Blogger andrea said...

I love sleep but am not very good at it... that sounds strange, doesn't it? you know this about me, though... I'm such a hardcore night owl! I can sleep most anywhere at anytime. I pay for it (physically and mentally) constantly and never seem to learn... I do love nice sheets (joy!), though...

12:02 AM


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