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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

humble pie

This past weekend we couldnt decide what to do so we finally chose to drive to the mall and get my hubby a new pair of jeans. He is really into the Levi's loose/straight 569's and we have been several places looking for them. They are sold at most department stores, but we cant ever find his exact pair. Either the color isnt right, or they dont have his size, or the length is wrong. So we set out on our mission to find his perfect pair of jeans.

We went to a mall that has three or four department stores attached, Rich's/Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Dillards. Due to parking we ended up closest to Nordstrom and although I doubted we'd find em there, we went in. To set the scene, I was dressed in jeans, a turtleneck, and a little blazer, my husband had on his Levi's and an insideout t-shirt. Earlier he had had a shirt on over it but it had gotten hot and he decided to leave it in the car. The girl, well, she was dressed like a typical toddler.

As we headed toward the Young Men's department we were stopped in our tracks by a 50 something year old man, very distinguished looking (and working hard to appear so) who asked if we needed help. Usually we avoid help, it is one of those agreed upon things you know as a couple when you go into the store, but for some reason Nate started giving him the details of our visit. Here is what transpired.

"Umm, we're here looking for some jeans, do you have any Levi's?"
"Levi's? No, your best bet is going to be WALMART." (Excuse ME? WALMART? Nate and I were taken aback. Now granted, we dont exactly look like Nordstrom shoppers, Nate with his scraggly beard, his saggy jeans with ripped heels, me with my partially thrift store bought outfit....but to say we needed to head over to Walmart for Levi's was just a plain old low blow.)

"Well," said Nate, "actually we got these at Rich's, is there a Rich's in the mall?" (later when I bugged him about asking one store where their competitor was located he explained that this was his dig back at the guy.)

"Yes," said the guy, "but Walmart is your best bet for Levi's." (AGAIN with the Walmart!) "They have the most variety, straight leg, boot cut, lots of choices."

"Alright, well we're going to head over to Rich's first," said Nate just trying to save us more humiliation.

So we humbly exit the store only to come out into the mall and realize it was closing. DRAT! It was Sunday and like every good American knows the mall closes early on Sundays. So we had to go back thru Nordstrom to get to our car. And had to pass the uppity Nordstrom guy on the way.

And where did we head? Yep, right over to Walmart. The whole way we kept saying "They dont have Levi's at Walmart! What does he know?!" Because honestly, we do go to Walmart, and you better believe if they had Nate's jeans there we would have been all over them. But, because the mall was closed, and we were feeling so insulted and broke down, we headed right on over there like sheep being lead to the slaughter just like the old guy had thought we should do.

And, when we got there, just as we'd suspected, there were no Levis!


Blogger Danny Peavey said...

wow, I can't believe how outright snobby that dude was...

2:04 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

oops! Jon works for Nordstroms, and the general idea there is that N's has good customer service!


Sorry you had a bad experience there, that stinks!

2:39 AM

Blogger jon said...

Hey there.

I guarantee you if you go to nordstrom.com and leave a comment, you'll at least get a reply.

Although i can't divine any snobbiness just from reading this--if you think you were offended by this guy, by all means let Nordstrom know.

I'll check back to see if you have or not, then pass this story on if you haven't.


2:47 AM

Blogger lulu said...

oh, it isnt a big deal. i do believe it was meant as a dig, but it wasnt anything worth reporting. just a funny experience i decided to write about, but thanks so much for your concern. i dont want to get the guy in trouble.

and i definitely think it isnt a Nordstrom problem--we havent experienced that before. I think the fact that the guy sent us to Walmart not even knowing they didnt have Levis shows it was a personal problem. but thanks so much for caring!

8:22 AM

Anonymous andrea said...

there is something so infuriating about this kind of condescending behavior. that guy obviously has no clue, because levis ROCK THE CASBAH. always have, always will. not that I'm knocking wal-mart, it's just that I know exactly what that dude was implying. you should definitely let nordstroms know.

8:23 AM

Anonymous trickpat7 said...

I wear Levi's 569's too! I feel your pain cause by the time its time to get some more jeans. My current jeans are all worn. I feel pretty scummy walking into stores like that looking for my jeans. I usually find them at Hechts. I feel funny walking there too. It's hard cause they are the only pair of jeans that fits nicely and carries my size. (36x36) Although, recently I have discovered that levi's also makes 569 loose straight corduroys and I love them. I just got 2 pairs and I wear them way too much.

8:53 PM


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