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Friday, February 25, 2005


Sometimes I just dont know what to write about. It's 8am, I have about 5 minutes before my daughter finishes breakfast and then I will not be able to sit down again until her naptime. But today I have to finish the Mars ILL newsletter my husband and I send out each month, and address all the envelopes, so no blogging at naptime today.

Naptime has always been a safe haven for me. It's my chance to be alone, to have some quiet, to do something for ME. I thank God for naps! As they dwindle away, (a baby starts out sleeping most of the day, then three naps, two naps, and, around a year or a year and a half, one nap a day. Soon this little blessing of quiet will end too...) I am preparing myself for the day I no longer have this alone time. Usually I have to use this time to accomplish something big like the newsletter, running an errand, cleaning the house, etc. Twice I have actually exercised during naptime, but then I have to "get ready for the day" again after I finish, (you know what I mean girls, it is hard enough getting ready once a day with kids!) so I havent tried it again recently. Sometimes I sleep, especially if she has been sick and nights have been tough. I know this is a treat that I wont get to have forever, so if I feel like sleeping I do.

What's funny is if naptime doesnt go according to plan, I find myself freaking out a bit. Ive gotten better about it, but when you are looking so forward to this time alone, and then your child decides to thwart your plan, it can make you crazy! I realize a lot of the time it isnt her fault. Trying to push 26 teeth thru uncut gums sounds terrible, and being incapable of blowing your stuffy nose has got to be annoying. But with just a few precious hours to myself each day, I get a little selfish sometimes and just cant accept a measely thirty minutes.

And just as I thought, breakfast has ended and so have these few precious minutes of blog time.


Blogger joy madison said...

I can tell you from experience that as they get older and out of "nap mode" they are usually old enough for quiet time in their own rooms. I value my 2-5 p.m. nap time that I've had since Jaylie was a baby (5.5 years now) Now that I can't get her to sleep every day (try to keep them on a nap schedule as LONG as possible) I still make her lay in her room or mine and play quietly, read books, or watch tv. I would go even crazier without that time!

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