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Saturday, March 26, 2005

10 more things

Sorry it has been so long since ive written. honestly, it seems like there isnt much going on around here. So I decided to tell you 10 more things about me that you might not know. Sorry if there are repeats, it's hard to remember all 100+ things ive written before!

1. In my youth I played basketball, volleyball, softball, and took gymnastics (til jr. high), and unfortunately I was a cheerleader my senior year for football and basketball. I say unfortunately because I wasnt dedicated at all, and only did it to 1) be with my friends, and 2) ride on the bus with the guys. Which they ended up not allowing anyway.

2. My favorite frozen pizza is Freshetta. And I will be honest, there arent a lot of restaurant pizzas that are impressing me these days.

3. I enjoy doing laundry.

4. I sometimes forget what I am talking about or what another person is talking about and make up random comments that I hope fit with what was being said. Easily distracted? Umm yes. I wonder if this goes along with being a light sleeper--I can be easily distracted from sleep too.

5. I succeeded in getting a BA of Arts in Theatre participating in only one theatre performance as part of the chorus in the musical "The Pajama Game." However I did earn my Concentration in Dance by taking every class offered at the college. I am embarrassed to admit I havent danced in over 2 years now.

6. I am one of the biggest backseat drivers to ever live. I have an organized, methodical way of doing things...everything...and it seems my husband does not. When we drive together I am allowed 5 corrections on him each day. If I go over 5, I have to look him in the eye and without attitude say, "You are obviously a much better driver than I will ever be."

7. I hope to have another baby soon.

8. I am terrified of thunderstorms.

9. Since having a baby I am much more comfortable with my body and the things I didnt like about it before. I used to try so hard to hide the flaws and would get really down on myself for not being perfect. Now I accept the things I know arent perfect, realizing there isnt much I can do about them. So I have funny toes...who cares? Dont like my thighs? Keep em covered! It has freed me from a lot of unnecessary baggage.

10. I have blue eyes. Ok, it's a lame one to end on but seriously I cant think of a single other thing to write!


Blogger mommy zabs said...

i enjoyed those, thanks :)
#6, uh, i need to make sure my husband doesn't find out about that rule. I wouldn't make it 3 minutes!

10:10 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

I'm getting my wife to do #6. She could never say that to me without laughing.

11:32 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

I'm with on the "after having a baby part" I'm just more in tuned with my body in general, and notice things a lot more, like when I'm ovulating etc.

12:45 AM

Blogger joy madison said...

I'm with YOU on the.....

12:46 AM


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