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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Senior Year

Because I discovered how to scan photos now, I thought I would share some distant memories with you. Aside from posting a flashback profile pic circa 1986 (8th grade), I dug thru my photos and brought you some classics.

1990-91 was senior year for me. It was not the greatest year of my life, but certainly full of memories. I had left my home town of Walla Walla, Wa after an entire life there to live in California my junior year. Hated it. Mom moved us spur of the moment and of course, to leave during high school is pure torture. I was from a farming community and moved just 20 minutes north of LA. Talk about shell shock! I disliked it so much that in April of my Junior year I moved back to Walla Walla to live with friends until my mom eventually returned that summer before senior year. So there I was, back home with a couple of friends, and plenty of "friends" who had moved on during my absence, trying to fit in again! But with the friends I had many memories were made, and here are a few.

(Here I am with one of my best friends, Jason, on the day I was moving to California.)

Big hair was a top priority amongst the students at Walla Walla High School, (known thruout Washington State as WA-HI. I had no idea how odd this sounded until I met my husband who laughed hysterically the first time I said it.) If you didnt have a perm and huge bangs, you obviously werent living in the late 80's/early 90's. I actually recall having a perm, and then using a curling iron to curl up my hair even bigger. And of course the bangs were ratted and sprayed until they stood straight on end. Everyone I knew listened to Hard Rock: Motley Crew, Guns and Roses, Skid Row, to name a few, so we all fit the image! I had my boots, my leather coat, my jeans so tight they would rip out in the legs....no problem! I'd just stitch em back up! Sorry, no fringe on this girl, it was sooo uncool.

Life in Walla Walla was pretty boring for kids. There were two movie theatres, sports, and parties. Im really not proud of how I lived back in those days, but I cant deny that that was me, and although I surely dont advocate lots of what I did there were some fun and some not so fun memories made. I remember being scared out of my mind when i was called down to the principal's office one morning. What did I do? I had never been down to his office before, and couldnt for the life of me figure out why I was going down now! That's how you think as a teenager, right? Maybe it was because I had had a party at my house the night before and people all over the school were talking about it? Ever think about that, girl? He sat me down and ran off a list of things he had heard thru the grapevine that supposedly had taken place. Ridiculous things, actually. In fact, I hadnt even tried to have a party, I had invited my close friends over, they had invited their boyfriends, who invited their friends, who invited their underclassmen friends, etc. I didnt want to have that many people over, and we certainly werent doing the crazy things spreading thru the rumor mill! At one point he asked me to name names of people who had attended. I responded as politely as I could, "If I told you the names of the people who came, you wouldnt have any sports teams." So I left the office without confessing a thing, except that people had shown up at my house that were uninvited, and "what was I supposed to do? Send them home in their cars after they had been drinking?" Needless to say I learned later that day that I had been suspended from cheering at the next home basketball game.

Cheerleading. I had such a love hate relationship with "cheerleading." I was never going to be one of those prissy little cheerleaders who loved the "sport." I tried out for the challenge of it, made the team, loved practice and spending time with my friends, but really, would have much rather been sitting in the stands watching the game. If you have ever seen Grease 2 Michele Pfeiffer (no idea how to spell it) spends a lot of time with her friends getting ready for this big talent show and most of the time she is daydreaming about this boy she really likes and not paying much attention to the performance. That was me. Daydreaming about boys, worrying about boys, watching the boys play ball....much more interesting than doing a cheer.

Finally, here is one of my senior pictures that I absolutely hated, however my mom had in her wallet to show anyone who was interested.

There were three options for senior pictures in my town. Have your mom take it, go to the "other guy" or have Buzz at Buzz's photography take it. Buzz took what I now consider some of the oddest senior photos, but he had this group of girls who represented him that were always pretty and popular. If he liked your photos, he'd ask you to be a Buzz girl and you got this shiny black Buzz's photography jacket proving you had hit the big time. I remember when two of my friends (already Buzz girls) took my to Buzz's to view my photos and see if I could get the special jacket and represent him. I was so nervous. And I think Buzz would have said no, (he had plenty of girls around town with Buzz jackets already) but I was sitting right there with two other Buzz girls and I got the jacket! I think I wore it once then thought it was too weird and tossed. I'd rather wear my leather.

Whelp, there's my journey down memory lane. I will fill you in on lots of other fun memories as we travel the blog road together. Until then, have a nice day!


Blogger andrea said...

I totally enjoyed this. I've known you for a long time now and there were so many deatils here that I've never heard you talk about... LOVE IT! and love the photos, too.

thanks so much for sharing.

7:20 AM

Anonymous Brent said...

Just how i pictured you from reading your Blog. Really like it. keep up the neat work.

God Bless


8:19 AM

Blogger Danny Peavey said...

it's funny, nate showed me/jason those last night at taco mac, haha

10:08 AM

Anonymous gym said...

Just goes to show you that what we once thought was 'cool and in' suddenly becomes the weirdest ever. So interesting! Picture my brother and I using "Brill Cream" on our hair to make it 'greasy' and form that "ducktail" in the back! Plus 'pegged' pants we couldn't hardly get on and off! Enjoyed your post, as usual!

10:17 PM

Blogger meridith said...

this is awesome. i am also a grad from '91. if we had gone to high school together this is what i would have written in your yearbook:
we are crazy
we are fun
we are the class of '91!!!

oh and i had a perm too and bangs and a hot pink prom dress with HUGE puffy things on the sleeves!

4:22 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

:) THat was so fun to read. How do you post more than one photo? I only know how to post from flickr and you can only do one i think.

10:10 AM

Blogger lulu said...

thanks everyone! it is sooo much fun revisiting the past....well, as long as Im in charge of what i share! as you can see i have already removed the profile pic. couldnt bear looking at it everytime i posted.

i dont know much about flicker, because i take my photos out of iphoto then use fetch as a shortcut from somewhere (again, my husband is the technical mastermind at our home) to post up on the blog. i just type that catchy phrase they make you use to post images as many times as i need to to get my photos up.

11:06 AM

Blogger joy madison said...

LOL! Too cute!

5:40 PM

Anonymous Quinn Zaman said...

Rather disputable.

10:25 AM


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