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Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer TV Preview

TV Guide released a Summer Preview that I found pretty helpful now that the regular TV season has ended and it seems there is nothing on TV. There were quite a few things I knew I wouldnt want to watch, but a few that sounded interesting. Here they are:

The Scholar: ABC Mondays, 8pm
"10 superbrainy high school students compete for a college scholarship." I watched an episode tonight and found it reasonably interesting for Monday night viewing--it was that or "2 and a Half Men" or "Las Vegas."

30 Days: FX Wednesdays, 10pm (starts 6/15)
"individuals live in someone else's shoes for a month. In the premiere a couple attempt to live on minimum wage in Ohio. Thirty days later, despite three jobs, they're already in the red." "A million times smarter than most other shows on TV."

Rock Star: CBS Monday-Wednesday, 9pm (starts 7/11)
"Mark Burnett helps INXS find a new lead singer." "15 hopefuls cohabitate and compete for the slot. The songs they cover are by class acts like the Beatles, the Doors and David Bowie. 'We're not a William Hung-type show.'"

The Cut: CBS Thursdays, 8pm
"Aspiring designers compete to work for the picky, pint-sized fashion mogul Tommy Hillfiger."

Situation:Comedy: Bravo Tuesdays, 8pm (starts 8/2)
"Sean Hayes and producer Todd Milliner turn the pilot-season pitching ritual into a reality competition."

I cant really vouch for any of these shows, but they sounded interesting on paper. Guess we shall see! But hope that gives you a few new things to look forward to this summer on TV.


Blogger joy madison said...

the 4400 is back on USA Network!

2:17 AM

Blogger andrea said...

thanks for the lowdown! personally, I will be looking forward to '30 days' and 'the cut'. however, tonight I will be front and center for 'blow out' on bravo. I love me some hair salon drama.

8:54 AM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

that 30 days seems really cool. I will have to check it out if I can make it staying up that late :)

10:40 AM


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