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Friday, June 03, 2005

One Year!

Wow! Ive been blogging for one year now, and boy has time flown by! I just realized it the other day when I looked to the right column and saw my archives. June 04. My daughter was 15 mos old, had only been walking a few short months, I was in my hayday having quit breastfeeding and enjoying the freedom that comes with a baby on solids! My husband had turned in "ProPain" the album that has yet to be released, but has been given the date of July 19th 2005 (dont miss out!)

So I thought I would re-post one of my personally favorite blogs I wrote that first month. I was really on fire back then, writing lots of stuff about my life. I hope I get back in the groove again real soon. My husband is going to teach me how to post photos, which I will really enjoy because I feel like that it such an integral part of blogging! And once I figure that out Im sure the spark will get the fire going again! So without further delay, here is my blog dated 6/6/04:

"6/6/04 Due to the controversy surrounding my post on visitors it has been erased. In it's place I've decided to write a short commentary on the problem of understanding what I call "internet speak."

On more than one occasion I have run into trouble when trying to communicate via the internet. You see, it is very difficult to understand the context or tone of voice of the message you are receiving which leads to various interpretations. If I only use periods as punctuation I can come across either really calm or really dull. Too many exclamation points (something I'm often guilty of!) and I'm too bubbly! or too fired up! If I TYPE IN ALL CAPS I SEEM AS IF I'M SHOUTING MY THOUGHTS. I suppose it was for these reasons that we developed the smiling face icons that litter our emails (let's face it I'm just as guilty of using them as the next.) They help signal to the reader the emotion we're trying to get across.

I remember the first time I saw ":)" at the end of a sentence. I had no clue what that meant. At first I thought it was a symbol for an ear or listening. Then I got a ";)" and I thought the sender had accidentally hit the semi colon instead of the colon. I think it took getting a ":(" for me to realize "Wait a minute...is that a frown?" And suddenly all of the emails I had gotten before started making sense! Now I see all sorts of faces; the ":o" for "Oh, no!" happens to be a favorite of mine. "

And there you have it people, one of my first blogs ever! Just to comment on the thing, I am still trying to figure out the "LOL" phenomenon. Ive been told it is "laughs out loud" but then someone said it means "lots of love." So each time I get that back at me I sit pondering whether or not the person was laughing at me, or sending me some love. It can really change the meaning of what youre reading, ya know?


Blogger joy madison said...


one year, can you believe it? how cool! keep it up. I love your writing!

3:23 PM

Blogger lulu said...

(see, now what is Joy meaning? Is she "laughing out loud" or sending me "lots of love"?) ahem, yeah! thanks!

4:04 PM

Anonymous gym said...

Time flies when you're having fun! I enjoy also your posts and how clever you write! Being an English teacher for 7 years has taught me the value of all the punctuation in all forms of writing! I definitely learned some things today at your post...Thanks!

12:01 AM

Blogger andrea said...

happy one year bloggedy-blogging anniversary! so weird that it has already been one year...

9:14 AM

Blogger meridith said...

LOL confuses me but i had only heard "laughing out loud" and "laughing on line". never heard "love you lots". when i say it ..... i always mean i am laughing. if i type "ha" then it's pretty funny a little above a charity laugh.....LOL means i am seriously laughing. that's just my meaning of it.

10:40 PM


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