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Monday, March 27, 2006

must haves

I got to thinking about the things Ive just got to have around the house, in the car, etc. So I decided to make a list. Here are my:

Top 5 "Must Haves" for the moment

In my fridge:
1. cold water (especially in the summertime)
2. yogurt smoothies (for the girl)
3. waffles
4. frozen pizza
5. assorted cheeses

In my closet:
1. favorite jeans
2. t-shirts
3. turtlenecks (i get cold a lot!)
4. hip capris
5. cozy winter sweaters

In my purse:
1. lip gloss
2. hand sanitizer/baby wipes (for the kids : )
3. asthma medicine
4. a snack/toy to occupy kid
5. gum

In my car:
1. sunglasses
2. diapers/change of clothes for the kiddies
3. jumper cables (been stuck too many times without them)
4. baby carrier
5. good music!

On my TiVo (if you dont have it make believe...)
1. The Office
3. American Inventor
4. Prison Break
5. The Wonder Pets (Luxie's new love)

What are your must haves?
and how could I forget Joy!


Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

Ohhhhh...I love this topic! I will think about it...and post tomorrow!

6:55 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

Okay now you are a true blog queen making your own MEME :)

7:40 PM

Blogger andrea said...

okay, this is good, this is fun. this might be just what I need to break up my funk.

3:12 AM

Anonymous Garrett said...

The office is the funniest show on television hah, but ae you talking about the american version or the u.k. version...yeah and LOST takes over peoples lives...such as mine

9:41 AM


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