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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Random thoughts...

*Im really enjoying this American Idol. Right now my order of favorites would go something like this:
1. Taylor (gray haired guy)
2. Chris (Rocker)
3. Paris
4. Elliott
5. Mandisa
6. Katherine or Lisa

I have to tell you I was shocked and very impressed with Ace's "Butterflies" rendition--had no idea he had that voice! But the Ive never been a big fan of pretty boys and the big hair throws me off. Did anyone catch Simon's comment to Bucky about his "Jessica Simpson" hair last week! I about fell off the couch because during the entire song I kept saying to Nate, "Oh, bad choice with the hair! It looks like a girl's wig!" But the best comment I heard/read regarding the whole competition came from a writer over at the Grey's Anatomy blog. Krista Vernoff had this to say about the competition..

"WHY IS NO ONE  TALKING ABOUT KEVIN COVAIS’ SPEECH IMPEDIMENT? Seriously, how are you supposed to have a professional singing career when you sound like this: “You should have told me yourthelf, that you loved thomeone elth, insthead I heard it through the grapevine…”???  He is sweet kid – even a talented singer, but seriously!   Maybe I’ll write to Simon Cowell and call him some names…"

All I have to say in response is, "AMEN sister!" America drives me crazy with these kinds of things. The guy should have never made the final 12, and he never should have beat Gedeon into the next round. If it were my son I may have even asked him to bow out of the competition...maybe...ok, well, I would at least be sure his feet were on the ground and he had a realistic view of what was happening! It makes no sense to me!

*Newest word-phrase created by darling Luxie: "P.Woo!" Dirived from "P.U." Exclamation meaning "stinky" or "that stinks". Usually used in regards to her sister's diapers, Daddy's feet, or Mommy's lunch.

*I am dying to wear my old clothes again, and honestly, I fear I may never get to. I miss my old jeans sooooo much, and my old shirts, and especially my old body. I actually like this body with it's curves and womanly look better than the old boyish body, but I feel so out of sorts with one pair of jeans fitting and no hope in sight of wear my great summer clothes. I know it has only been three months, and I am thankful to be wearing anything other than those old pregnancy clothes! But with the miscarriage and then the pregnancy it has been over a year and a half since I have been anywhere near those wonderful, fabulous, unappreciated before now but terribly missed pairs and pairs of jeans and capris.

I tried putting on an old denim skirt the other day for church and after writhing and slithering my hips and belly thru the waistline I was unable to zip or button it. But as if that werent humbling enough I could not for the life of me push it down and off of me! I had to ask Nate to come in and pull it from the bottom while I wriggled (and jiggled) my c-section scar thru the tiny zippered opening! Remind me never to do that again! If I have to work so hard to get something on it probably isnt worth the effort! Im still at the point of refusing to buy anything else in this size until I am certain their is no hope left in the universe of wearing my old things.

*Zaine is the sweetest roly-poly in the world. Very easy and mellow, and very pleasant! I really love having two kids, and I am so glad I endured the horrible torture of pregnancy and birth to have another (remind me of this post when I am pregnant again and unable to form coherent thoughts or sentences due to overwhelming nausea.) Yes, I am actually thinking about having another one. Who cares that hundreds of dollars in bills are rolling in one after another with Zaine's birth! Who cares that I just got done complaining about my odd post pregnancy body! Who cares that I already have so little time to myself that I treasure time alone in the bathroom! Bring it on! I want more!

*And lastly, as tax time is approaching I wish you all the best of luck, and many happy returns.


Blogger mommy zabs said...

1. I'm totally with you on the top 3 :) Love Taylor and think he will make a ton of money, but may not win the competition. I think Chris should be the "pretty boy" of the group since he is WAY cooler than Ace. I don't like Ace, I think he is so cheezy. The look he tries to give us at home through the camera makes me sick- YUCK!

2.The speech impediment! I read that too. I don't get it at all. Seems like a sweet kid, but that is all just crazy.

3. I love P Woo, so cute.

4. I miss my old jeans too :( They are much nicer than me new ones. But I don't really know that I will ever get in my pre-Owen ones :( Oh well. Worse things in life right?

5. What is it with us that we just get done hating life cause we have had no sleep and have been sick forever.... and we want another? NO SENSE IN THE WORLD! But I understand, I go back and forth!

6:30 PM

Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

YOU MAKE ME LAUGH. I think Chris will win the whole thing - even though I LOVE Taylor Hicks! WOO!!! This whole post made me laugh.

3:14 PM

Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

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3:15 PM

Blogger meridith said...

oh tax time. yikes.

this is a great post :)

6:25 PM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

I love American Idol...although...I must admit...I am not a fan of Taylor. His dancing drives me bonkers!!! But I appreciate him and what he brings to the competition. I wish him all the best. Now to Kevin. He needs to go home...IMMEDIATELY. I read that on Grey's blog and died laughing. But how true!!! And his whole thing that he is a sex symbol...I just can't handle it! Now...have you guys been to Votefortheworst.com?? Basically they are anti-american idol fans...and vote for the worst people just to make for bad TV. OF COURSE they are ALL ABOUT Kevin Covais. It drives me crazy!

11:52 AM

Blogger andrea said...

I love these kinds of posts because that's often how my mind is working... so very randomly.

not really watching american idol this season but very intrigued now that I'm reading about it. I'm so disengaged from tv right now. I think I have officially replaced the tv with the computer.


I know just what you're going through (in terms of postpartum and wearing old clothes)... I was so anxious that i went shopping soon after ezra was born. such a big mistake! I feel you. you'll get there soon, though. I know it. ha, probably a lot sooner than I ever did!


oh, the cuteness of the p-woo. and zaine's roly-poliness... love it.

8:13 PM


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