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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Birthdays, Babies, and more

Here are a few photos from the little party we had to celebrate Luxie's 3rd birthday this past weekend. And, of course, a picture of the baby : )

Cute face!

Luxie opening her Miss Spider sing-a-long

Zaine at 11 weeks


Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

oh Lordy.....this made me swoon a little bit....from the cuteness of it all.

10:38 AM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

Luxie's expressions are PRICELESS!!! And Zaine is just such a little cutie! So fun! I LOVE when you share pictures of the girls!

1:26 PM

Blogger andrea said...

wow, you got some GREAT photos of that birthday girl luxie lu. what fun it was to be there to celebrate it with everyone...!

happy birthday, luxie! we love you!


4:09 PM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

What great pictures of Lux! Sooooo cute! We had such a great time with you all and it was just priceless to watch Luxie open her gifts and to watch her as we sang happy birthday to her. So sweet and so happy. She is a true treasure from the Lord. Thank you, Lord, for this girl and certainly for Zaine as well. Sweet picture of her too.

1:45 AM

Blogger joy madison said...

so cute:)

2:50 AM


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