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Thursday, April 06, 2006


so sorry it has been a long time since ive written anything substantial. this computer breakdown is killing me! having to use nate's computer means waiting until he is done with it and then i have to actually have time to sit down and use it!

anyway, here's what ive been up to:

last weekend i decided at the last minute to head to nashville with nate to meet a few of my blogging friends and it was GREAT! it was like getting together with old friends i hadnt seen for a while! that is the amazing thing about the internet. it wasnt uncomfortable or odd at all to be sitting down to eat with a group of people i had never met! because we already new so much about eachother's lives it was like we'd known eachother for a long time. it was so much fun! i wish we had had longer to chat, because it seemed to go so quickly. but girls, I HAD A BLAST! (if i ever get the photos uploaded i will post them.) thanks so much for a wonderful time aj, meridith, mommy zabs, glam jo, and andrea. i wish i had a group of girlfriends like you at my side here in Atlanta!


Another crazy quote from Luxie Lu herself, "It's raining out here...this is no place for a Barbie" (while climbing back inside in her Barbie playhouse.

i actually shed a tear today over a song played on Luxie's new favorite cartoon, "The Wonder Pets." An inchworm and a caterpillar were best buds then the caterpillar had to climb into her cocoon to become a butterfly. The Wonder Pets arrived on the scene to explain to the inchworm what was happening, and then they waited. Finally the butterfly emerged and they sang a little song together. A very soft, gentle, sad song about all the things they used to do together and could no longer do. They couldnt eat leaves together anymore, couldnt crawl thru the mud together anymore, and then in the end the butterfly offers to take the inchworm for a ride on her wings and cant get off the ground with him because they are too heavy together. the song was so sweet i actually teared up. In the end the Wonder Pets put them both in their fly-boat and the inchworm road on the Butterfly's wings back down to the ground. It doesnt get any better than that, folks.

I got new flipflops today (or "thongs" if you like to go old skool). Looks like i wont have to worry about taping the toe of my old pair. I love my old ones, they are wooden and have little peach colored straps, so when i banged the toe into some cement stairs last summer and chipped off a big piece of wood, i was devastated and resorted to taping. so long old friends.

until next time i get this computer in my hands.....lu


Blogger mommy zabs said...

It was so good meeting you toooooOOOOOO!
:) Those wonderpets are adorable. I hope your computer issues get resolved soon :)

9:35 PM

Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

I have SO been there with taping up flip-flops......losing a favorite pair is TRAGIC.

5:04 PM


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