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Friday, August 25, 2006

something funny

My husband has played basketball since he was a small child. His love of playing is probably a result of growing up with a basketball coach for a dad. He spent countless days and nights at the gym, traveling to games on the bus, being teased relentlessly by the players years older than him as he sat and watched practice after practice. So a love of the sport grew in his heart and he played thruout high school and college, and still plays to this day.

I have spent many hours on the sidelines watching him play...at the college gym (where we first met), with the church league, at YMCA open gym, and just for fun with friends. And Ive got to tell you, the older guys get, the more emotional they are about the calls, the way the other players play, and well, the unfairness of it all. I mean, take a look at the NBA! Those guys are basically throwing tantrums half the time!

So the other evening we stopped into the rec center near our home to get a flyer about the different events offered this fall. We thought we'd see about the open gym schedule because the prices are very reasonable and Nate wants to get back to playing again. The box containing the information sheets was empty so I approached one of the rec center workers to see if they had any more.

"Do you have anymore schedules?"

She leaned back into the office to ask another woman, "when are those schedules gonna be out? Sept?"
To me she said, "Yeah, they should be out early september. They're gonna be offering a lot of classes for the kids. What is she, three? Yeah, they have all kinds of new things planned for the 3's and the babies."

"Great!" I said, "We were also wondering about the open gym for the men. For basketball. Is there still gonna be open gym?"

"Oh" she said, "You mean the Big Babies??" Leaning back into the office, "When they gonna have the Big Babies open gym?"

And I have to tell you, I cracked up. I looked right at Nate and we shared a moment of silent, uncontrollable giggling. I still dont know if she was serious or just making a joke, but I cannot wait to see the flyer to find out.


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:) boys are so silly!

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