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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


this daily posting thing is hard! I sometimes have no idea what to write about. like right now.

im learning, thru this daily posting thing, that my life revolves quite a bit around my kids. when i try to post about something else i find little else to talk about! i mean, other than daily chores, a little tv in the evenings, and church on Sunday (and now Tuesday mornings...i love our women's bible study which runs thruout the school year on tuesday mornings) there isnt much that takes place without my kids. im learning to find other outlets, like the consignment sale, but to be honest, i like the way things go around here. sure, i'd love to have more time to myself, and i know i need it. but just what to do is the question. i need to figure out who i am outside of this mom thing.


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