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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hot Dogs

Luxie has become fascinated with hot dogs. This is probably because we have spent most of the summer grilling out due to the excessive heat down here in the south. Turning on the oven is the last thing you want to do around 430pm each afternoon with the heat and humidity we've been having. So, often we resort to hot dogs or hamburgers on the grill.

Luxie used to hate hot dogs but somehow this summer that hate has turned into an undeniable love of the things. She would happily eat a hot dog with or without bun for lunch and dinner daily. Her mind is so fixated on hot dogs that she has begun drawing them...and creating little stories about them. She recently spent several hours drawing pictures to compile into a story about our family. In the story we were grilling out and the happy hot dogs suddenly started dancing on the grill.

The above photo is the page in which daddy discovers the hot dogs dancing and by the look on his face he was quite surprised by it! The whole story was very elaborately drawn, complete with a butterfly fairly and caterpillars and ants joining in the fun. Im sorry to say she decided to give the book to her Sunday school teacher that evening and we will never see those pages again. But before we left I snapped just a few photos to remember this crazy tale.

I should also mention that the whole idea for making books was started earlier this year by her seven year old cousin Ava (known for her creative genius over at wardomatic's "Ava Thursdays." Luxie and Ava worked on books together last January and her own creative journey was begun.


Blogger meridith said...

dancing hot dogs! i love it, that is priceless. i love the creative minds of children.

8:42 PM


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