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Saturday, September 04, 2004

A question...

Some people want to know who will be our next president. Others want to know who will win the US Open, or what will happen with Hurricane Francis. What I want to know is...what's the deal with stuffed animals in the back window of your car?

I drove behind a woman the other day with soooo many animals back there that she had to create a dip in the middle just to see out the window! Her common theme seemed to be "white animals" but I've seen back windows of Beanie Babies, teddy bears, "anything goes", and bobble heads. I cant figure out if the purpose is to show off the gifts you've gotten from your friends, or to find a place for all those animals you dont want to store in your house.

Along the same lines are the billboard cars. You know, the cars with sooo many bumper stickers you learn the driver's entire life history along with political and religious preferences, favorite radio stations, restaurants, and music groups, and finally the schools their children attend as well as the sports they play and whether or not they made honor role.

Some of the funnier bumper stickers I've read are "Every child is an honored student at the Friend's School." Can we not show preference to the kids with good grades any longer? Or "Meat Is Dead." Ok.....? I sure hope so if Im eating it! Another funny one was "What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?" That made me chuckle.

I was driving frantically to work one morning and got behind some freak who was going just below the speed limit. As I began to edge up on her to give her the "go faster" signal I caught sight of her bumper sticker. It read "Designated pace driver...slow down!" If that doesn't get a person fired up I dont know what does! I thought "I sure wasn't in on that decision and if whoever appointed you had seen how you drive I doubt you'd have gotten the job!

Ah, well, there's nothing wrong with sharing your point of view by attaching it to your bumper...just know someone somewhere may be writing about how silly you are in their blog.


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