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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


So Saturday night I am in the middle of telling you all about my new blog when ...what?...the power goes out. Yep, the crazy ice storm had arrived and though we had made it all day with branches crashing around us at 10:10 pm EST the lights went out in Georgia. (well, in my neighborhood anyway.) Then around 10:30pm as I sat in bed with a flashlight trying to read two huge branches cracked and fell to the ground right outside my window taking down our power, phone, and cable/internet lines with them (and scaring the living daylights out of me by the way.) Of course these things only happen when my husband is out of town.

After crying hysterically and then praying without ceasing I decided the only thing I could do is go to bed. The heat was off w/o the power, so it would only be a matter of time before our girl would wake up freezing and then that would be the end of sleep for me. Around 3:30 she was up and crying and freezing, (trying keeping covers on a 2 year old) so as a last result I had to bring her to bed with me. She fell back asleep, but I couldnt--trees and branches were falling all around the neighborhood and I was scared to death!

We headed off to church at 7:30 the next morning because it was warm and they usually serve breakfast before the 9:15 service. Unfortunately breakfast was cancelled due to the storm, so we went to IHOP instead, then back to church. After a long morning we got home around 12 and I put her in about 10 layers of clothing and stuck her in her crib to see if she could sleep...amazingly she did (seems neither of us got much rest the night before.)

At 2:30 I was awakened by the arrival of my brother-in-law sent to check on me by my very angry/worried sick husband who had been unable to reach me. I was told I needed to call him immediately, so I used my b-in-l cell and let him know I was alive. After a passionate (i.e. harsh/scathing/loving/tearful/ "stop yelling at me"/"i thought you were dead") call he arrived home to find me shivering on the couch. Lux and I were sent out to our friends house for the night while he stayed in town to finish the DS5 album and artwork.

We arrived home Monday to power, but no phone or cable/internet. It was so good to be home! Then today just as the phone guy left, the cable guy pulled in and, well, here I am! Forget dinner, forget spending time as a family....I need to blog!

Anyhoo, my "other blog" has begun. I had just finished the first post when the power went out. Not sure if it's the best blog to start with but I found it funny, and I think others with children will relate somehow. It is called "Hopscotch Honey" or can be reached at http://hopscotchhoney.blogspot.com. Check it out, but I'll be here too. I'll be back again soon!


Blogger joy madison said...


Ice in Georgia! Crazy! I'm glad you survived. When we had an ice storm in South Bend, right after jaden was born, we had no power for like 4 days.....so I feel your pain. I'm already onto your new blog....how exciting!

6:45 PM

Blogger youngdo said...

"Canadian weather" can be scary, huh? (to those that aren't used to it)

10:44 PM

Blogger youngdo said...

"Canadian weather" can be scary, huh? (to those that aren't used to it). I"m glad that y'all made it through in one piece.

10:44 PM


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