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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Im back!

Made it home safe and sound. It was a great trip for both of us. Kids really amaze you sometimes, she did much better than I had anticipated. But it was very exhausting and I am glad to be home sweet home.

Speaking of home sweet home, as I mentioned earlier my husband had twelve different guys over to record the next Deepspace 5 album while we were away. The house looks pretty good! I need to do some down and dirty cleaning, but the basics are done and I was really happy he cared enough to take care of that for me. Im going to take it one room at a time and get things back to normal, but it could be a while before I get started again. I still have to take down the Christmas tree and decorations too....

On a COMPLETELY different note, I was heading to the grocery store today when I pulled along side a Hummer 2. I got to thinking, ya know, those things are the epitome of American hoggie-ness. Everything on it is so supersized...the wheels, the gaudy decor, the rims and flashy lights. It was just so BIG! I really want to know who needs such a thing. (I apologize if any of you readers own one, this is just my not-so-humble opinion.) What could possibly be next? Little trains? Are we going to ride around with an engine and kaboose? Little semis? With obnoxious blow horns? Road ready airplanes? With gold rimmed wheels and tinted windows? Tanks with color options like bumble bee yellow and cherry red? I mean, how much bigger can we get? Is it necessary to have such a large vehicle?

We have friends with 6 kids and one on the way. They drive a suburban. This is why I ask, who needs a Hummer? And if it isnt for roominess, it has to be for ego. And if that is the case, it makes sense why the thing is so big.


Blogger jon said...

glad you made it back safely!

speaking of H2's -- allow me to post a site expressing my sentiments [adult language]


7:12 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

My husband the mind reader....I was totally going to send you to FUH2 too! LOL Glad your trip went well and your dh cleaned your house:) That's awesome of him!

3:31 AM


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