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Thursday, January 20, 2005

more randoms

As I was typing "more randoms" I realized how much the word "random" looks like "condom" at a glance. YIKES! More random comments I should have said! Now Ive looked too long and they both look mis-spelled. Now I cant spell misspelled..mispelled...mis-spelled...oh whatever.

Random thought
#1 Never give your child something "new" to play with right before bed.

#2 Im officially past my prime. Its over. I look at old photos and realize I was in my prime and didnt even realize it. Now it's gone and it's all down hill from here. So long youth, hello Depends.

#3Im officially over Alias. The first season was amazing. It was new and exciting and suspenseful. The second season was also good, but season three went terribly wrong. Too phony, too outlandish, too ridiculous in many ways. Ive been trying to watch this season (season 4) but they've already made two big mistakes. First, they went on and on about how this year they wouldnt make the same mistakes they did last, that they were taking it back to the original intent--character driven plots focusing on Sydney and her life. Unfortunately they left us with a great cliffhanger last year that they totally ignored in the season premier. You can change the show back to its original intent, but dont throw away the existing storyline. It's just frustrating as a viewer to come back expecting to learn some big secret and have the whole situation changed.

Second, the two lead characters (Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan) were in love on the show and the chemistry was great. Then last season they became involved outside of the show--big mistake. Because inevitably you break up then you have to go to work and act like you arr still in love with the person. And I just dont believe it anymore. It isnt coming across and that was one of the biggest "conflicts" on the show. These two love eachother but cant be together. Now they can be together but the chemistry is no longer there. I really doubt the show will last more than another season. The missions they send the agents on are so goofy, and I think they are running out of costumes for Jennifer (have you seen her latest getup?)

#4 I have to leave our Christmas tree up because we are out of lightbulbs and it's the only way to light the living room for now, as each lamp's lightbulb has burnt out. (I doubt the lamps were turned off the entire time I was away.)

#5 Favorite TV shows as of today:
Extreme Home Makeover
What Not to Wear
Blue's Clues
Ready Set Learn :Peep
Jo Jo's Circus

Oh, wait, those last ones are my daughter's favorite shows that I am forced to watch daily.

Have a nice day!


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