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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I know I just did a post for today, but I had to write about something that happened yesterday.

I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to take care of odd errands before I head to Washington to visit my family and leave my husband to record an album with 12 of his best friends...(grimaces) another story. Anyway, yesterday I went to get the oil changed and took my daughter along. Not the wisest thing to do with a toddler, but it had to be done and there was no way to get around it.

So during the hour and a half wait I strolled my daughter over to the bank, made the deposit, walked back to the car place to check in, waited a little bit before loading her back up and heading to Mickey D's (McDonalds for those of you not hip to the word on the streets.) I had $4 cash and some change, so I got two hamburgers and a small fry and we strolled back to the car place to eat it. (You know what I was really wanting...that's right, the Big and Tasty.)

Not long after that the oil change was finished, so we jumped in and headed for home. But wait...my husband really wanted to get the car washed (I admit it was looking pretty rough) and just hadnt had time. I decided to swing into the "do-it-your-self" place and do it for him. It would be a great surprise. The only problem was I had exactly $1.25, and that was enough to get the machine running. I would have to work real fast to get in a soapy brush scrub and a rinse.

As soon as that machine started up I was furiously scrubbing that car, I didnt even bother wetting it down. Front, sides, back, windows, roof, as fast as I could. Only got tangled in the cord once which probably cost me a few seconds, but then I was back. I ran over to the dial to switch it to the insanely intense rinse, grabbed the hose and started spraying. Then suddenly the thing shut off. WHAT??? No warning beeps?! But, but, the car is still covered in bubbles! What am I going to do? I have no cash left what-so-ever and my black car is COVERED in white foamy bubbles!

I look around and notice this guy watching me, probably waiting to see what this white girl with the "fancy Scion" is gonna do about her bubble covered car. Then I see a big group of people waiting for the bus. I cant drive out of here covered in bubbles!!! I decide to call my husband and ask for help. "Im in the middle of a disaster and I dont know what to do! I tried to surprise you by washing the car but I ran out of money and now it is covered in bubbles!" "Just drive it home and we will finish washing it here...I'll get the hose ready." "NO! I cant drive our car thru the hood covered in bubbles! Cant you just bring me some change?" "I dont have any cash either," he said. "You just have to drive it home."

I am giggling out of pure embarrassment as I get back in the car and start it up. The guy is still watching me. I pull out of the stall in my bubble covered car with my face as red as....Ok, just really red. I put on my shades and tilt my head back in the look of "Ya, I know there's bubbles on my car. Whatchoo gonna do about it?" Im driving along and bubbles are blowing off the back of the car in the wind. I pull in the driveway and there is my sweet husband waiting with the hose to salvage what is left of my big surprise.

Of course I hadnt had any time or change to vaccuum the car out, but I had him take it back up there to do it. It will be a while before I make an appearance at that Amoco station.


Blogger Danny Peavey said...

K - that was comedy. You two crack me up. I could totally relate to the machine deal. Oh, BTW, I went through McEE DEES the other day and tried the BNTasty. They are really good!

3:15 PM

Blogger youngdo said...

hey. it's funny reading your story cuz the whole time i'm like "why is she washing the car outside? the water'll freeze! oh yeah, she lives in atlanta. it's prolly not cold there like here in Canada where frost comes on the car overnight without the help of water..."

oh and by the way, it can be "mickey d's", but it's also "McDic's" for some strange reason. (i usually wonder about the origin of slang terms where they've evolved from).

3:24 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

that is stinkin hilarious!!!!!! You are cracking me up. I know you are coming out this way this week, if you get time and want to meet/meet up with Jon and I; we are available. Jon is off work for another week to stay with me and the baby. We can meet you anywhere. We'd love to hang out. I'll figure out your email address and write you there.

9:33 PM


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