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Thursday, February 10, 2005

"caught you lookin"

The other day my husband and I were at a stoplight and cars going the other direction were making their way thru the intersection. A "pimped out" truck began to approach and it had some big letters across the front window. I squinted to try and catch it all before the truck passed by and this is what it said: "CAUGHT YOU LOOKIN'" complete with the accent mark next to the "n".

Now maybe he does catch a lot of people lookin, but unfortunately I dont think its for the reasons he hopes. I mean, who doesnt notice 15 huge letters across the front window of a car? I guess I could put some big red letters across the front of my shirt that read "caught you lookin'!" but I guarantee it isnt for any reason other than a bunch of big red letters across my front side. I could also put them on my forehead, but again, any big red letters across the front of anything are going to get some stares, naw I meen?

I still havent figured out the "words on cars" obsession. The "NO FEAR" on a little rinky dink sports car with a monster size spoiler as if the little thing is going to catch air while flying down the highway at 65mph. I actually kind of like the latino vato writing of last names across the back windows of vans, trucks and even sports cars, however, I think the airbrushing has gotten a little out of hand. Then there are the sister creations to the word stickers. The Calvin and Hobbes characters. The Ford/Chevy thing has baffled me from the beginning, then Calvin is kneeling at the cross repenting of his sin of fighting over car makes (is this really necessary?) But a funny one we heard about thru a friend was Calvin "doing his thing" on the words " NON-HUNTERS"....is this the representation of our society we want to send out into the world?

*(this post has been edited --I got the joke wrong the first time...)


Blogger joy madison said...

LOl! My favorite are t-shirts that say things like, "why are you looking at my chest?" Um, HELLO!!! ou have huge red leters across your chest, that's why I'm looking!

6:57 PM

Blogger Barbara said...

Me again - popped across from your Mummy blog..

We don't go so much for bumper stickers over here. They get stuck on the back windscreen.

But my favourite is also a T shirt

it says "never underestimate the power of the Preystation" with a picture of a game controller...I just think that is sooo good..makes me smile whenever my son wears that T shirt.

4:21 PM


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