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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

And now for the big guns!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest man alive....at least, the greatest man in my life! (Well, other than God you know, but who can fill those shoes?)

We were crazy enough to get married on Mother's Day weekend, and the day before my husband's birthday, so this has always been a big weekend around our house. Having been married eight years now, and together 12, I've been celebrating birthdays and holidays with my man since he was the ripe old age of 20! Wow, seems like forever ago that we began this journey, yet time seems to have flown by. I thought I would share some of my favorite memories since this is such a memorable weekend for us!

I remember our first date, when he picked me up at the college and took me to church with him to officially meet his family, then we spent the day together and went out that night to dinner and a movie. I didnt realize how far he lived from the college so I hadnt brought any "freshen up" items along with me, or a change of clothes to something more casual. I kept thinking "why did I wear this today?" But he made sure we had lots of fun anyway!

On that very date he invited me to visit Atlanta with him on Spring Break, just three weeks later! We made the 7 hour drive down to see his sister and her boyfriend (now married and living their lives online too at "hula seventy" and "the ward-o-matic" see links at right.) We just so happened to be trapped in the house, the four of us, for several days as the "Blizzard of '93" struck the Southeast! Needless to say we broke up after hours of intense Uno play and too much time together. The ride home was a disaster with me insisting on listening to Lynard Skynard's "Free Bird" over and over again and him smoking cigars (thanks alot 3rd Bass) in my face with no regard to my asthma.

Just a few weeks later we were back together (after some well deserved privacy) and weathering the storms of an exclusive dating relationship. My 21st birthday to see "Phantom of the Opera" in "obstructed view" seating....i.e. "wall in front of your face and you will only see the left quarter of the stage" seats. But he endured. The big break up of '94 when he needed time to decide if he was ready for marriage. But I endured. And then the month long tour to South Africa when he traveled with his group and was only able to call twice the entire time. But we endured. The trip to Alaska to meet my dad and ask for my hand in marriage. And then the proposal.

September 13th, 1996. He asked me to come out to his parents house for the evening and then we would go do something. When I arrived he had planned to take me to see the newborn baby of some friends, but he wanted to take my car. That was weird, but no big deal. Little did I know what he had planned. He drove most of the way then turned off the road. Where were we going? To Eden Park, overlooking all of Cincinnati. I started to get the picture. He pulled off to the side and we walked over to the lookout point. It was dusk. He pulled out the ring....I cant even remember what he said I was just looking at him. Of course I said "yes!" I was in shock! Then he started taking off his long sleeve shirt. What? Why are you undressing? He had gotten a tattoo with my new initials (once we were married) in graffiti on his left bicep (he's an artist, and had designed it himself). It was his way of showing me his commitment was forever, and it was beautiful. I still love seeing it to this day because it reminds me of the moment.

Married May 10th, 1997 in a beautiful but problem ridden ceremony. His ring was missing, the valet wrecked his 1965 Black Lincoln Continental with suicide doors on his way over to the ceremony, the cake was the wrong flavor, the wedding photographer didnt take photos of the family, the DJ's played the songs we requested they not play (including "Friends Are Friends Forever" by Michael W. Smith.) But it was beautiful. His sister was my Maid of Honor (ok, Matron, but that's such an elderly word!) And I am so glad that is how it worked out because she truly has become one of my very best friends. She also handled all of the flowers and decorating the cake and it was an amazing job well done. My grandparents were able to be there, and it ended up being one of the last times I would see them, they passed away that November. And then we were married!

What an amazing time we have had the last 8 years, moving to Indianapolis, then Atlanta, having our first child, buying a home, seeing his music make a meaningful wave in the underground scene. God has been good to us. We have not been without problems, life is not always easy, but having my man by my side has made all the difference. I do not know where I would be if I hadnt met you, but I do know I wouldnt have enjoyed the ride nearly as much. You are my love, a gift from God, and worth every minute of my time I've spent with you. I love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Blogger andrea said...

seriously, you had me laughing all through this post. (still smiling just thinking about all of it)... superstorm '93!!! it's the stuff legends are made of... thanks for sticking it out with us after all that craziness! I've never quite known 'uno' tension like that... (still laughing). and thanks for all the kind words regarding your wedding-- it really was such an incredible honor for me to be your matron (ughh, I KNOW) of honor and I was more than happy to help out with everything... all stresses aside, it was really fun for me to do the flowers. as for the unfortunate ring incident, well... I must step up and take full responsibility here. who knew I would stick it in my bra (yay cleavage!) for safekeeping and then FORGET that I put it there right before the ceremony started? and who can forget that moment (directly after the ceremony) when we had the whole wedding party (some on their HANDS AND KNEES) turning the dressing room upside down, looking for the ring? the moment I realized it was IN MY BRA!? poor nate. the last place he wanted to think of that ring being... in his sister's bra. okay, well, I AM sorry about that but so happy to see you two together and in love so many years later! thanks, lulu... you are one of my best friends, too and I am lucky to have you in my life...


I love you both so much.

12:21 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

Love this post. I love to hear people's history! You guys are the bomb:)

3:42 PM

Anonymous GYM said...

You pray and pray and hope God answers your prayers and gives your kids the same type of marriage experience you have....spending the rest of your life with the one you love and loving everyday of it. Thank you, Lord, for this gift: to know that you and Nate are so in love and that you are experiencing what all of us do as life unveils itself. You reminded me of so many wonderful, funny, romantic and touching moments. I want to thank you for that plus THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT WIFE FOR NATE! Enjoy your anniversary and we will celebrate on vacation!

9:57 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

What a fun story to read. Thanks for sharing!!!
congrats on your anniversary, mothers day and happy birthday to dust. :)

10:48 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

What a fun story to read. Thanks for sharing!!!
congrats on your anniversary, mothers day and happy birthday to dust. :)

11:02 PM

Blogger meridith said...

i love reading people's stories too!!! thank you so much for sharing. it's really really cool to see the unique ways the Lord brings people together and that there are wonderful marriages that exist. what a cool thing.

11:08 PM


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