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Friday, May 06, 2005


In a couple of weeks we will be taking a family vacation with my husband's family. Now granted, I am very excited about the trip, but there are a few things only a mom can truly forcast and Im a little concerned! Not only do we have to worry about every toy, medicine, play thing, play thing for the ride down, as well as snacks, food, clothes, hair things, swim things, beach things, and every other thing under the sun, we have to figure out how, where, when, we will ever get the kids to bed. I am traveling with just one, and it is amazing the planning and organization that must go into such an adventure. My friend Joy over at scrapalicio.us (see links to the right) just traveled with all three of her kids, by plane! by herself! to visit her family! I find this truly admirable. Granted, having grandparents around will lighten the load during our vacation. Nothing like built in babysitters along for the trip! But there's a lot that goes into just getting there, and hoping things go smoothly while we are there. I'll keep you posted as the big day nears!


Blogger andrea said...

I have already started with the lists (ah, the lists)-- lists of what to bring, what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, places to go/things to do while on vaction, etc., etc., etc.... and the packing will begin soon. I share both your excitement and concern. vacations change so much when you have kids. although-- as soon as I accepted this as my new reality... the more I have really been able to enjoy myself!

10:06 AM

Blogger joy madison said...

You guys will have SO MUCH FUN!! And remember, anything you forget andrea probably remembered or there is a store SOMEWHERE nearby! You'll be fine. (I was, sort of:)

11:47 AM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

Trips can be so draining. A blessing, but tiring too.
I have learned (kinda like Joy said) To buy as much as I can once i get somewhere. Owen has already been on 17 flights (at almost 1 year). And more than once I have had to empty contents of my suitcase curbside to make weight!!! Last trip southwest informed me that their baggage limit just changed from 80lbs to 50 lbs!!! I told them they must have no idea what it is like eto travel with a baby- nicely of course. They said "Just take another bag." Okay they truely don't get it. How do you get a back and play, stroller, car seat and all of your luggage justs with one bag (by yourself just you and baby at the airport.) Adding a bag. that makes it literally impossible. Oh well :) So I make a grocery list and once I arrive I go to the store first thing.

You will have so much fun. You are very blessed to have grandparents to help once you get there. That could end up being quite the vacay because of that... once you actually arrive :)

7:37 AM


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