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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well, a gray fog has fallen across our home. The sun has been hidden from view, and a slow drizzle is falling. A dark cloud is hovering overhead. The Scion XB has been sold.

It was actually quite a wise decision, but my husband has not been the same since last Monday, the day of sale. It all happened so quick, really. We put the car for sale for a number of reasons, but primarily because we were just given a minivan and selling the Scion would mean more money in our pocket if we bought a cheaper second car. I said nothing about this because I knew it had to be completely my husband's decision. Any words of encouragement from me would come back to bite me later when he had regrets or longings for the old days. So I just offered small bits of suggestions when he would ask, but kept quiet.

We had no one interested for a couple of weeks, then suddenly people were calling 5 at a time. Finally one guy said they had the money and wanted to buy it that day without even seeing it! They called their bank, we called ours, and things were underway. That was Friday. Monday they came to get it and it was gone. Just that quick.

Now we have begun to look for a second car (let me correct that, he has begun to look for a second car....constantly looking....endless looking....) and we have realized a huge flaw in our plan. See, from the beginning of our relationship my husband has had an obsession with Cadillacs, Lincolns, and basically any car you would see an elderly person driving. Dont get me wrong, I understand how interesting these cars look. I can even say I think they look really cool sometimes. But these cars have become my nemesis...my thorn in my side....my least favorite topic of conversation. In a word, I have even come to despise them.

Just before we married the rivalry began. We were planning our wedding and my husband decided to take out a $5000 loan to purchase a 1965 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. Yes, just like the one in the Matrix. Yes, the one the valet wrecked on the way to our wedding. Yes, the car that no woman wants to get stuck driving when the reliable car breaks down. That was the beginning of this crazy love affair. I will say, however, I was thankful that that was the one we ended up with . We had looked at some pretty huge boat sized 1980's Cadillacs that I might just have called off the wedding over had they been purchased.

Well, during the conversations regarding the sale of the Scion I said on numerous occasions, "Just please dont get a Cadillac," or "as long as we dont end up with one of THOSE cars." But I had also agreed that he should get something he really liked and wanted to drive because it was very kind of him to give up his baby. I thought, however, that we had an understanding that it meant everything BUT those cars. Here is where the huge flaw in our plan is revealed. Here is how it all came to a head last week after a nice afternoon out as a family. Here is where I learned I was not just wrong, but DEAD wrong. (OK, a little over dramatic but I was going for effect there. )

All it took was one comment. A 199? Black Cadillac pulled up beside us and he said those dreadful words once again, "See, that is exactily what I want. Right there."

My skin begins to crawl and I feel my teeth gritting. "I dont understand why you keep shoving that car in my face even though I have told you hundreds of times I dont want a car like that. It's like you dont care one bit about my opinion! It's like you dont care at all!"

"You want to know why? You want me to tell you your own words? You said that if I sold the Scion I could have any car I wanted in the price range we talked about. You said I could pick the car."

What? I said what? Well, I mean, I did say that but with what I thought was an understanding that it didnt include THOSE cars. I had said it hundreds of times!

"But I told you many many times that I dont like those cars, that I didnt want that kind of car?!"

"You never once said 'You cant get that car.' You just said you didnt like them."

My mind is now racing...."I didnt know I could say that! I didnt know I had that kind of authority! So now you are saying that just because I didnt phrase my sentence correctly I have to get one of those cars?"

Then he said the words..."I knew you would do this. I never would have sold the Scion if you were going to do this."

I began bawling, "I never would have sold it EITHER if I had known I had to get one of THOSE!"

So we rode the rest of the way in silence. Deeply regreting the decision we had made to sell the fun little car we had come to love. But all was not lost. Later that night things were fine and it was as if we had never had the disagreement. Until the next day....

My husband: "A little later today I want go sit in a few cars to see what I really like, OK?"

Under my breath with a little smile on my face I replied, "As long as it isnt one of THOSE cars..: )"


Blogger andrea said...

girl... I can already see that he's got his mind set and we both know what happens when THAT happens. I tried to help. really, I did. I guess we'll be pimpin on the way to playdates.

2:37 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

ewww, why oh why do boys like those? My brother is also obsessed with "those cars" YUCK

5:38 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

That is so funny.
Gas guzzlers right?
that's a good excuse these days you know :)

3:00 PM

Anonymous brent said...

How did you like the scion? how did it work with carseat(s)?

4:13 PM


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