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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Life Less Ordinary

Still here in the land of farms and dust, visiting family and tomorrow, hopefully, old friends. Just to fill you in on how things are going, there was a MASSIVE blowout a few nights ago that almost resulted in me changing our tickets and heading home on the red eye to brighter and better days back home. But after weighing the options, and letting things die down a bit, I decided to stick around and see what happens. In the end, I think I made the right decision. Things have gone well since, and honestly, what happened has needed to happen for years. Nothing is solved and nothing is done, but boy it felt good to get a few things off my chest!

I find it interesting that there are very few people you meet in life who have perfect relationships with their families. You meet those rare folks who all get along and love each other so much, but thrown in the mix is usually at least one situation, person, behavior, or what have you that causes trouble and throws everything off kilter (sp?) when they get together. Everyone has either a divorce, death, tragedy, or combination of those things that has effected their life or the lives of those around them in some big way, and as odd as you think your situation is, you can always find someone who's situation is even more astonishing. So in some small way I take all of this in with the knowledge that, in fact, my life is pretty ordinary.

It's funny, I guess, that relationships are so vital to our existence, yet so difficult to maintain. There are so many words that are misunderstood, or just not said. So many times we should do one thing but we do another and end up hurting someone we love. So many times we dont consider the other person and selfishly choose to do as we please. And then we hurt so badly when the relationship sours and we have to work so hard to repair it. It's fascinating to me, actually. And I know I am as much to blame as those I like to blame for my sorrows. Ah, well, here I am being vague again.

My life will go on, and Monday I will return home and fall back into my same old routine. All of this will be glossed over in my mind and soon I will be wishing to return for another visit. Well, maybe not soon...:)


Blogger mommy zabs said...

I'm sorry. Relationships are soooo hard sometimes. It has to be hard to go through that out of town with a little one and being pregnant too.

8:03 AM

Blogger andrea said...

man, sounds like it was intense. but you know, just like storms are nature's way (god's way) of 'cleaning house', I think big arguments can serve the same purpose. I know it wasn't fun, but hopefully some growth, healing and closeness will come from this.

sure do miss you guys (and so does fishy!)...

8:58 AM

Anonymous Brent said...

Sounds a lot like my wife and my family a couple weeks ago. I glad i am not he only one.

By the way how are the boys doing out on tour, have you heard?

11:32 AM


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