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Friday, August 26, 2005

still here:)

I decided to change this post just to quit writing about family stuff. So instead I am replacing it with a funny thing Luxie has started doing--she is ending her requests with "said Mommy" or "said Nana." It is so cute. Today she wanted me to hold her and said, "Hold me, hold me, said mommy" referring to me instead of her as the person asking. She did the same thing later this evening saying "you read a book said nana?" Again, she was the one wanting nana to read her a book, but put nana as the one saying it. Not sure where she got this except from books!


Blogger meridith said...

it's hard to write with such honesty and i think you are right it does help to write it all out. family stuff is so hard. you are right, i don't think anyone has a perfect family. hope the rest of your visit goes well and that you will find some clarity and resolution.

6:44 PM

Blogger lulu said...

thanks meridith. i felt a little funny about what i wrote, so i changed it. thanks for you words though, and I am surely finding my way thru it all!

8:36 PM


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