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Friday, November 18, 2005


Just some random stuff I thought I would comment on...

1. I am so glad the weather has turned cold here in Georgia! I dont like cold weather as much as nice weather, but it is a refreshing change from the 8 months of summer we had experienced this year! And it is just in time for the holidays, which should be cold in my opinion. Now I can get into the spirit of things! We are getting our tree next week (yes it is early, but we have just over three weeks til the baby comes and I have to get Christmas ready now because I wont be feeling up to it when Christmas arrives.) I have already found a few gifts for Luxie and that is a weight off of my shoulders that I am at least partially prepared!

2. As I mentioned above, we have just over three weeks before the new baby girl arrives, and I am so ready, but so not ready! I dont want to go thru it, oh man, I dont want to have the surgery, several months with no sleep, breastfeeding, worry, aaaaaa! But I am so ready to not be pregnant, to see this little girl and finally experience who she is. I find motherhood to be such a contradiction of feelings and emotions, and I am experiencing them all right now!

3. Luxie just went thru her third illness since early October, and I am exhausted. I am a queasy person anyway, and a bit of a germophobe, so sickness and I dont go well together. I am a bundle of nerves when she gets sick, because she has always struggled with being in the 5th percentile for weight. So whenever she gets sick she loses any extra (if you can call it that) that she has. She was so sick in October and lost several pounds, and just as she was beginning to look normal again she got this stomach virus and has been sick since Monday. She is having trouble keeping her 18month pants up (and she is over 2 and a half.) I have such a hard time getting pants to fit her because her height is good but her waist is tiny--so 18 month pants are highwaters on her but 2T pants are enormous. But such is life. What has also been frustrating is that she had to miss her friend's birthday party earlier this month, and now I have missed two women's events at our church because Nate was out of town and I couldnt put her in childcare. Rats!

4. I always like the end of the year because I see it as a closing, with the door of the new year opening. I get excited to see what God has in store for us next year. I look forward to change, surprise, challenge. I say that and I am certain my husband is laughing out loud as he reads it because I tend to freak out and cry when challenges do arise! But monotony wears on me, so I guess that's why I look forward to new possibilities. Will we move? Will the ProPain album finally come out? What will be the result of that? Will I really be able to take care of two kids? What will 2006 bring? We shall see...


Blogger mommy zabs said...

1. ahhhh christmas, i'm so excited but so scared. scared I will never get it together in time. or have the energy.

2. i'm praying everything will go so great. And that you will have people to help you so you will get some sleep in those few weeks.

3.I'm so sorry she has been sick :( No fun. It sounds like she has the opposite problem as Owen. He is 18 mos. and is wearing 2t and some 3t... we have to roll all his pants up :)

4. where are you guys thinking of moving, you have mentionede it a lot...???? I pray 2006 will be amazing for you :)

Also, I can't seem to bring up your email address and have wanted to write you. could you email it to me?


12:12 AM

Blogger andrea said...

yes for cold weather! (only because I'm in the mood to wear sweaters and blazers and tights and want to feel like it's really christmas)... but I hate how it gets dark so early and I hate all the illnesses that the season brings on...!

can't wait to see what 2006 brings... can't wait to meet my brand new baby niece!

8:57 PM


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