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Friday, October 28, 2005


Well, I guess it isnt a dilemma any more, because I had to make a decision and I dont know if I did what is right!

I have had to go ahead and pick a date for my c-section because unless I go into labor full force before my due date, I will most likely have to have one. My due date is Dec. 20, and you have to schedule your c-section the week before (the 39th week) I guess so the baby isnt huge? Well, the week before is Dec. 12-16 (M-F). They wont schedule for Sat or Sun.

Originally we picked Fri. the 16th, for a number of reasons. First, my birthday is the 14th. We cant pick the 12th because it is more than one week before my due date (by a day). That left the 13th, 15th, or 16th, and we thought the 16th would be great because it is a couple days after my birthday and still close to the orginal due date. And that it was a nice number.

Well, they called yesterday and said basically, "The doctor will be out of the office on the 16th, and the OR has filled up, so we moved the c-section to the 14th." "Oh, well, that's MY birthday and I'd really rather choose a different date if possible. Is there any other day available?" "Not really, except a possibility on the 13th. The 12th is too early, the 15th is full." "Can I decide between the two and call you right back?" "Yes, but you must call right back because the OR is filling up as we speak and we must get you scheduled."

So in less than 5 minutes I had to decide between the 13th or 14th. And here was my dilemma. If the baby were just "being born" on either day it wouldnt matter at all. It would just be "the day the baby was born." But we are CHOOSING the date, and I feel some sort of responsibility to choose well. My choices were not so great, in my opinion. Either the baby will forever share her birthday with me, something I dont mind but I suppose a kid would, or I would be picking a birthdate of the 13th. Now I personally have no problem with the 13th, but the rest of the world seems to. She would be having birthdays on Friday the 13th, 13 always seems to be associated with scary things, evil things, supersticious things. No one wants to wear uniform number 13. You know, all that stuff. I guess I just didnt want us to forever hear, "Thanks a lot, you chose the 13th for my birthday." (If your birthday is on the 13th have you experienced any of this?)

So we stayed with the 14th, my birthday. She will most likely be born on my birthday. I dont mind so much (although I'd rather not undergo major surgery on my birthday...but what a nice little gift!) And I figure that I can celebrate any day, really. I can start having my birthday on the 15th. I dont know. I guess I am curious what anyone else would have done! Even though I wont be able to change it unless I go into labor! The decision is made, the dilemma is over, but still... What would you have done?


Blogger meridith said...

i think that you made a great choice...just think you can always tell your little one that they were the best birthday present you ever received! and i think it is really sweet of you to share your birthday with your future child and that will be something special the two of you will forever share. i like it!!

3:13 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

What a funny / weird situation. I can't believe it is already filling up... quite frankly that makes me nervous myself b.c i won't see my new dr. in ohio until the 32nd week and i'm suppose to be induced at my 38th week which is between christmas and new years... the worst time ever to get into the hospital.... okay i'm trying not to freak because god is in control- right!!! ARGH. I think whatever decision you have made will be perfect and it will just be what is "normal" for your little girl. The only thing I could think would be awful would be CHRISTMAS! Cause you have to share it with everyone :)

9:46 PM

Blogger andrea said...

what a conundrum! I do not envy your situation and I DO think you made the right decision... I really love meridth's viewpoint on this and totally agree! still, I wish you had more choice in the matter...

zabs, my brother von was born on christmas day and I think I can safely say it stinks!

11:06 AM

Blogger joy madison said...

I think it is GREAT to share a birthday with a sweet little baby!!! How fun! Hope it turns out okay for both of you.

11:27 PM

Anonymous Kristen said...

LuLu, I was born on my dad's birthday and I love it!

10:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was born on my sister's 6th birthday and both of us were born the day before my mom's b'day- so I am familiar with the birthday sharing...
It's always been fun. My suggestions for you would be to always have 2 b'day cakes and just treat it as something special that you get to share. I always loved it!
I found your site because I just picked my c-section date today and it happens to be my DAD's b'day!!! I'm not too close to him, but I think it will be great!!
A strange thing this picking birthdays!!!

3:13 PM


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