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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Guilty Pleasure MEME

I was tagged about a year ago by Meridith for this MEME (well, over a month ago anyway!) I love these things, but havent found the time to do this until right now. (Baby is sleeping, dinner is in the oven, pre-schooler watching tv....GO!)

1. FOOD. Specifically a heaping plate of nachos. I love, love, love, love, LOVE nachos. I love them. And I love macaroni and cheese, and ice cream. These are my absolute favorite foods, although there are many honorable mentions. (Steak, bread products, chips, cookies.) I love them all.

2. TV. I am with Andrea on this one. Nothing beats getting the kids to bed and sitting down to some mindless entertainment. I love LOST, The Office, My Name Is Earl, Arrested Development, Reality tv in the likes of Survivor, The Apprentice, and Project Runway. I also use tv as a guilty pleasure to occupy my daughter for a few minutes each day so I can sit down and do this...or get dressed, or zone out. Please understand, she only watches it a few times each day, but those moments are a treasure.

3. THRIFT STORES. I...can...not..get..enough..! I LOVE going to the thrift store. I love searching for a hidden treasure, whether it be a bamboo coffee table with color crayon writing all over it that I can bring home and clean good as new, or a pair of awesome brown and light brown Italian Pumas size 11 that my daughter will wear some day (she will!!) I love my Anthropology plum colored belted sweater that must have sold for close to $100 (I got it for $4) and my many pairs of Gap Long and Leans that sell for $70 in the store (I paid less than $5.) This is pure unadulterated pleasure for me. Especially because my husband is self-employed and I stay home.

4. GOOD HAIRCUTS. I only get two or so good hair cuts a year, because we just cant afford it, thus making it a guilty pleasure. When I spend the money I feel guilty, but I love it. Right now I need a cut desperately, and I will soon be making my Spring jaunt to the infamous Rudi (thanks to Andrea who introduced me to her hairdresser 6 years ago.) I cant wait because I always feel so good about myself after a good cut.

5. BLOGGING/being on line...There are a number of things I could/should be doing right now; cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the house, sweeping up the piles of swept up stuff I left around the house earlier today, washing dishes, or various other things. But before I begin any of those tasks I have to stop in and see what everyone is up to. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sometimes in between, I go to my favorite spots and see what's happening. It is my way of visiting with a friend, and sometimes my way of cheering myself up...especially when I get a quick comment from a friend. It's my way of staying in touch with the world.

Anyone who hasnt been tagged have any guilty pleasures too?


Blogger andrea said...

yay! this was so fun to read. I mean, I knew most of these things about you already but still, it's fun to read. AND-- now that I think about it (and have read your list), I think I could've listed about 10 more guilty pleasures (at least)...! I would definitely add thrift stores and blogging/ blog-reading to the list. and book stores too! oh, and so much more.

9:11 PM

Blogger meridith said...

i love this list :) thrift stores..yes!!! pumas.. yes! blogging/blog friends..yes!

2:10 PM

Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

Man, I need a good haircut.

2:45 PM


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