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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So here's what happened...

I thought I'd post about what took place during Zaine's birth, for my records, and for anyone interested! I promise to leave out the icky details and focus on the good stuff!

On December 14th I arrived at the hospital at 10am and got checked in. By 11am they had me in my gown and Nate and I waited patiently until 11:45, when they planned to take me to the OR to prepare for the c-section. I have to say that compared to being in labor all day and then rushed into the OR for a c-section (with my first) this experience was quite relaxed and easy going. I started to get a little nervous, just knowing in a few moments we'd have the baby, and about that time they came to get me. I walked down to the OR and got my epidural (which is definitely a shot, but not so bad as they make it out to be on tv.) They started the procedure at 12:00 and she was born at 12:12! Nate was with me the whole time, and he went with the baby when they took her to get her exam. I think I fell asleep during the rest of the procedure

I was back in the recovery room by about 1:00, and was moved to my real room by 2:30. Just before then they brought Zaine in to see me and it was so great! Nate was there with me by then, and we were able to call family and see some of the pictures Nate had taken during the delivery.

That afternoon went so well, first, because I hadnt been in labor all night long so I was relatively alert, and second, because it was mid day and I was well rested. The difficult part is the beginning of the every three hour feedings. It is such a rude awakening when you have a child because suddenly you must feed every 2-3 hours regardless of how you feel or the time of day. But she ate well from the beginning and our little journey together as a family had begun!

We left the hospital a day early because I just wanted to get home and see be with my husband and Luxie, and because I was recovering so quickly compared to last time (once home I realized that had much to do with the pain killers they were giving me and had Nate run out and fill my prescription asap!) (I now understand why those things are so addictive! It is strange to know all you have to do is take the pill and suddenly everything's coming up roses!) But after the first three days or so the hormones began to adjust and things werent so overwhelming. The pain went away much quicker than the feelings of anxiety that overcame me adjusting to the new baby. It took about a week before I started to feel really comfortable with everything.

It is still crazy and difficult, but I have to say things are going smoothly and it is actually easier than I anticipated it would be. That's not to say it isnt hard, but it is not as hard as I had imagined it would be. I hate getting up all night long to feed the baby, and I sometimes feel like Luxie is being slighted (especially because she had all of my attention before) but there are some great things that have come from this experience too. For one, somehow, miraculously, they are both taking naps from around 1-3pm every day! I dont know how long this will last, but I am working to make it a regular part of the schedule! I can either sleep or get a lot of stuff done, and it is a blessing! Also, it has given me a new challenge in life, and I need change and challenges to keep me interested. I get so bored with the monotony of everyday life, and this has definitely kept me busy trying to figure out how to make it all work! And finally it has been such a blessing to see this little life and the funny faces and noises and cute little things she does. I cant wait to see how the girls grow to love eachother and play together and grow as sisters.


Blogger mommy zabs said...

Thank you so much for taking some of your precious time to share details! I have one week, one day. I too have to be there at 10, and am scheduled for 11:30... What made you decided epidural rather than spinal? I'm not sure what to do yet, but my dr. seems to prefer spinal. I'm so glad they are napping at the same time for you! Crazy times. I wish we lived close and could share this time together. Be support for each other. Is the baby getting up every 3 at night?

7:20 PM

Blogger lulu said...

well, she was sleeping every 3-3.5 hours, but the last three nights have been ROUGH! I dont know what is going on but I think it is a burp problem. Definitely not enjoying the nights!

I think my doctor just put me down for an epidural--I wasnt given an option. Actually, i think it was a mix of both. I heard them talking about something being half and half or something like that.

I too wish we lived closer--I could really use the encouragement!

9:29 AM

Blogger andrea said...

wow, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! interesting, reading the details about the birth. can't wait to see this little girl grow up... miss y'all.

12:45 AM

Blogger meridith said...

i don't know anything about having babies....but it sounds like this went really well. congratulations again!! i am sad that i didn't get to see you last week but hopefully next time? i told andrea and zabs we all need to have a blogging girls retreat in nashville or something. :)

11:39 AM


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