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Monday, January 16, 2006

Quote of the Week

"I want to listen to 'Hey Yawn!'" ~the one and only Luxie Lu

Yes, we've done it, our darling daughter of almost 3 years old is a hip hop head.

It started with demands for "Daddy's Music" whenever we got in the car, either Mars ILL or Deepspace 5, but now we are moving into uncharted territory. The other day Nate brought his IPOD along for a trip out to dinner and we couldnt resist listening to one of my favorites, "Hey Ya." Luxie was hooked. We must have listened to it 10 times on the way to Willy's. It's really great watching her "shake it" in the back seat (her head, hands, feet) while Nate and I are "shaking it" up front. Im sure other cars driving along beside us wonder what in the world we are up to! The funniest thing is the way she pronounces the titles to her favorite tracks. The "Hey Yawn" requests have brought out the giggles in all of us, and daddy has added his own fun to the song by breaking into the most obnoxious yawn every time Andre 3000 sings the chorus. One of her other favorites, the Deepspace 5 track "Hold Your Head Up" has been known in our family as "Hold Your Hand Up" and we do just that as we drive along to the music.

Ok, so maybe "Hey Ya" isnt exactly the proper song to have your 2 year old singing along to in the car, and maybe hip hop in general isnt what most parents would let their little ones listen to, (although those of you that read this are too cool to be stuffy about hip hop : )But I find it quite indearing watching her express herself to music!


Blogger mommy zabs said...

I think that is a great kids song :) Yeah i always wonder if I'm letting Owen listen to music he shouldn't... if it is super explicit I don't... but there is just so many good beats he loves. Outcast is just such a blast.

12:33 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

oh yes, my kids are the same....crazy children of hip hop heads!

3:48 PM

Blogger meridith said...

that is awesome! you are raising that girl up RIGHT!

5:52 PM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

Hip Hop is just WAY TOO FUN! There's nothing that gets you going like a hot beat!

12:02 PM

Blogger andrea said...

oh I love it, I LOVE IT! remember when 'backbreakanomics' first came out and ava was so into 'breathe slow'...? she had just turned three, I think amd every time we played it, she would close her eyes at the beginning (just like the song says!) and then get crazy when it really kicked in. I think we even have it on video somewhere (you should do the same, if you haven't already... luxie will love to see that someday!)

ava still loves 'breathe slow', still occasionally requests it too. :)

4:50 PM

Anonymous raymond said...

that's great! my daughter (26mo) loves to dance to all kinds of music. but has mostly heard mars ill since she was born! the other day, we were getting ready to go out and "on her way" from pirate radio was on and she started twisting her torso around and getting into it. she looked at me and smiled so i copied her and did other actions and she copied me. it was a great time!

1:17 PM


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