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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Looking Ahead 2006

Here we are! I still cant believe it is 2006...I cant believe I am in my 30's, that I have two kids, that I am no longer a kid myself. It is amazing how quickly time really does pass. In 2000 we left the Midwest and moved down South--six years ago! And now in 2006 we will be celebrating 14 years together; 14 years since the first kiss, 12 years since the first break up, 10 years since the beautiful engagement, 9 years since the lifelong commitment, 9 years since the trip to England, 8 years since the move to Indy, 7 years since the trip to Africa. 7 since the beginning of Mars ILL, 6 since the move to Atlanta, 3 since the birth of our first, and now the birth of our second. What a blessing to know such an honest, even, encouraging, terrific father and loving man for so long, and to know that I will spend the rest of my life with him. I look forward to what this year holds for us. A wonderful 9th wedding anniversary, Luxie's 3rd birthday, a vacation with your family, a July 4th reunion with mine. The release of a long awaited album, your 33rd birthday, the beginning of preschool, Zaine's first birthday, and maybe, a trip to celebrate Christmas at Papa and Mimi's house. I know there will be lots of crazy times too. Unexpected frustrations, difficult moments, and even possibly some sadness. But there is no one in the would I would rather go thru another year with. You're my man, and I love you. Here's to another year, my love.


Blogger joy madison said...

so sweet!!!!!

11:57 PM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

Awe very sweet words :) Aren't great husbands the best :) Jeff said the other day that though he hasn't spent a ton of time in life with dust that he is a guy he really truly thinks is great. He really enjoys any time he has ever been around him a lot :)

Jeff had Zane (the boy version) on our baby name list, I kept telling him we couldn't cause you just named your girl Zaine :) Fun fact.

Jeff's parents are MIMI and PAPA to Owen :) Funny coincidence. :)

I wish I had known jeff 12 years. Course we were not ready. But that is so cool to think some day we will have so many yeaers behind us! :) We are still practically newly weds!

1:06 AM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

What a thoughtful piece of writing! I hope you guys have an amazing 2006!!!

10:29 AM

Blogger Jess said...

awwh what a sweat post...so nice to look back and be greatful for what you have and are going to have. Great outlook on life!

4:03 PM

Blogger meridith said...

such sweet words and what a sweet life :)

4:27 PM

Blogger andrea said...

happy new year to you all! miss you guys so much.

7:02 PM


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