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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Quote of the Week

"Minivans are tangible evidence that evil exists." ~bumper sticker on the back of a minivan

As the driver of a 1999 Town and Country minivan I found this quote particularly funny. Maybe it is because for the first 13 years Nate and I were together we vowed....VOWED...we would never EVER own a minivan. "We are too cool for a minivan" we would say. "They are so ugly! Why would anyone want to drive one of those things!" we would say. "There are so many other options out there," we would say, "They are the epitome of yuppie-dom, everything we are not!" We would wave our "too cool for a minivan" flag high and proud, snickering at our friends who slowly but surely gave in to the family van.

Then this past spring some friends of ours decided to GIVE us for FREE their 1999 Town and Country. Granted, it had just about 100,000 miles on it and we would have to pay for tax and title....but a free car? And it was a nice color, leather interior, and, as the ultimate catch-all, a little TV/VCR action to entertain the kiddies on long road trips? Well, we ran outside and pulled down that flag faster than you can say "I love my minivan!"

Do I still believe minivans are the great evil of which we need to rid this planet? That's a tough one. I certainly lost some "cool mom" points when I went from the Scion XB to the Chrysler T&C. And I wont lie, when I pull up next to some cool kids in my van I feel really old. But it has been nice having the extra room (seats 7 comfortably) and on long trips to grandma's house the tv has come in really handy!


Blogger mommy zabs said...

what a toss up. I mean i love "cool cars'
But at the same time, minivans are so tempting because they are so dang comfortable. it is easy to see in them. you can run back and attend to your child if you need to. you can slide a whole big door open and have a lot of space. i admit there are times i have secretly wanted a nice minivan... and then I slap myself :)

6:44 PM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

That made me chuckle! I heart SUV's, but yes...minivans are very practical for a family. I know when I was a kid...my parents had a minivan...and I LOVED it! So much room for my friends!! And heck...if it was FREE...that is SO AWESOME!!!

6:05 PM

Blogger meridith said...

i have always hated mini vans. for so many reasons. i learned to drive on one. but in your case i can totally understand. what young family making a living from hip hop (and trust me i KNOW how hard making a living from hip hop is) could turn down ANY free car?

5:49 PM

Blogger andrea said...

yeah, I felt that way too and then I RODE in your minivan. and I see how comfortable it is and how much ava loves to ride in it. but I know exactly what you're saying because the week we borrowed it, I loved driving around in it but also felt so old in it... tee hee.

3:48 AM

Blogger Abby Marie said...

Your post cracked me up...I am still at a time in my life, pre-children, where my husband and I have sworn to never purchase a mini-van nor a station wagon. We'll see if we break that promise for the sake of sanity & convenience. I've also sworn to never wear pleated front pants or orthopedic shoes...I'm also still under the impression appearance ultimately overrules comfort.

What generous friends you have to give such a gift. How could you possibly pass it up? Maybe you should consider having ghost flames painted on the sides? hee hee!

6:35 PM


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