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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

more ramblings...

1. I just want to know why....why must people drive slow in the fast lane? I am finding this more and more common as the end of the year approaches! I know they see the other drivers having to signal, merge right one lane, go around them and then pull back in front of them, so why do they stay there? I actually had to go around a huge motorhome pulling a trailer the other day. Why? Why was he even thinking he had permission to drive in the fast lane? I thought that if you had anything bigger than an Escalade you just sort of knew that you cant get up past 70 mph and you left that lane open for the other guys. This makes no sense to me.

2. I LOVE my new shampoo! It is Suave Milk and Honey and it smells delicious! It smells so good that I have been using it as a body wash too, and every once in a while I catch a whiff of myself during the day and think, "Gee my hair smells terrific." It was sprinkling outside Monday and I actually smelled my Milk and Honey shampoo coming to life. And the best thing about it all, with Suave, I dont have to spend a fortune on my hair. Suave just makes me look as if I do!

3. Today marks one week til the big day....I have way too many things left to do.

4. Because of my big belly I cannot get my pregnancy pants zipped or buttoned any longer. So I am having to do the funky rubberband thru the whole and around the button thing, which means my zipper stays partially opened at all times. I cannot tell whether or not people can see the opened zipper, or if my big belly and maternity shirt are covering the whole scene. This can be quite disturbing at times.

5. Finally, I love this season, I cant wait for Christmas, life is good, and I love thrift stores. there.


Blogger Glamorous Jo said...

Your comments on shampoo has me rolling....so funny!!

And I love Christmas TOO!!!!!!! LOVE EVERY SECOND!!!!

10:35 AM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

i totally struggle with this same road rage. ATL driving is nuts anyways!!!! Those people are going to get killed if they don't watch out.

I'm growing out of my prego pants to. My belly is expanding and mostly in the low part! So hard to get any pants to fit, and who wants to buy this late? My torso is so long my shirts wont cover at all :( I feel you. Only a week left though and your belly will be more manageable :)

12:27 PM


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