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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Things I LOVE Thursday: Mars ILL

"It's M-A-R-S-I-double L..."

Joy, over at scrapalici.us has started "things I love Thursdays" and I have once again hopped on the band wagon. Between "Things I love Thursdays", "Self Portrait Tuesdays" and "Photobooth Fridays" I am keeping myself pretty busy! Im thinking of starting my own day of the week themed blog.....how about "Something Sweet Saturday" where we all talk about our favorite treats....or "So Sad Sundays" where we bemoan the coming Monday and all the work we have to do. Oh, now, just kidding. But I do the love the idea of a "things I love" theme, and this week I begin with Mars ILL.

What can I say? Of course I am totally biased, but I also really love their music. I have watched the group become what it is today, evolving over the last 10-12 years from an idea into a full-fledged respectable hip-hop group with a fan base and record contract. I have heard the music evolve too, from mediocre to a really, really quality sound. May 2nd the long awaited "ProPain" will be released, finally, barring some ridiculous hold up, and I am excited to see what the world thinks of it. Check them out at marsill.com (see link to the right of the page) and take a listen. Oh yeah, the hot DJ is my husband : )

Music by Mars ILL
(available at marsill.com or various places online. Some releases also available at your local music stores)


Raw Material (Sphere of Hip Hop/Uprock)
12" Mona Lisa
The Night We Called It A Day~Deepspace 5 (Uprock)
Blue Collar Sessions EP (Ill Boogie Records)
Blue Collar Sessions EP on vinyl
12" Redefine
Sound Methods (Mars ILL)
Backbreakanomics (Gotee Records)
12" Breathe Slow
Sound Methods v.2.0 (Mars ILL)
Unique, Just Like Everyone Else~Deepspace 5 (Gotee Records)
Pirate Radio (Mars ILL)
Pirate Radio Plus+ (Mars ILL~instrumental)
Backwaterprophets (Mars ILL)
The Backbreaks (Mars ILL~instrumental)
Backbreakanomics 2LP
ProPain maxi single
Deepspace 5 Unique maxi single
Just In Time for Christmas (Dust & Listener)
ProPain (due out 5/2/06 Gotee Records)


Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

I need to check it out FOR SURE!

11:53 AM

Blogger mommy zabs said...

i like mars ill too :)

3:41 PM

Blogger joy madison said...

Sweet!!! We love mars ill here too:)

6:33 PM

Blogger andrea said...

you know, I've been goin all around my block, tellin everyone around who taught me how to spell. M-A-R-S (double L). rocking the bells.

well, yeah I'm biased too but man, I listen to it all, over and over... and I'm always so blown away by just how GOOD it is. seriously. not that I'm surprised or anything but wow. and pro*pain? forget about it. hip hop that is ridiculously out of this world.

(ha, and on a funny side note-- I thought about writing about mars ILL today too! and also, the first paragraph of our posts are a little similar... weird!)

7:39 PM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

I was playing the Propain Album in my P.E. class yesterday, as we were playing the ever-popular dodge ball, over the loud speaker and it was resonating throughout the gym as we played, and the kids were enjoying it tremendously....thinking: "I didn't know coach enjoyed this music" They asked me who the group was and I said, " You don't know? You guys need to get out more! It's Mars Ill and what a group. Never did tell them how special they are to me and how proud I am of you all. God bless and give those two angels a hug and kiss from mema and pawpaw!

12:02 PM


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