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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

more tv

OK, fans of The Office, apparently there is a "Michael Scott's Valentine's Day mix" on iTunes! Someone who goes to iTunes please check it out and let me know how funny it must be (I have no speakers on my computer!)

Also, zabs and other fans of Love Monkey, the show has been put on hiatus and may not return. Eight episodes were ordered and only five aired, with no new episodes being ordered. I just read that there is no scheduled time for its return, although the recently merged WB and UPN? network CW is considering it. CW will launch in the fall.


Blogger mommy zabs said...

Yeah i read that and just haven't been able to accept it. I just don't understand except that maybe it just isn't funny to most people out of the industry. I have so many friends i grew up with here that don't really care about music. maybe there are just more of them then us? What is CW? can I write them?

10:28 AM

Blogger lulu said...

I know, we were disappointed too! we had only watched it once and kinda started to get the vibe of it. Nate really thought it would grow on him and appreciated the writing.

I am going to have to find the piece i read about the new network (CW) and post it. There are a lot of shows that are popular on the networks now that are not going to be on air next season because of the merge. The good thing is that the network will be able to compete with the big 4 and gain some power.

11:10 AM

Blogger joy madison said...

SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's one of my favorites!!!

4:03 PM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

It drives me crazy that networks don't give chances anymore to new shows unless they have REMARKABLE numbers. So sad to see another great show be put on hiatus!!

11:09 AM


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