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Monday, February 06, 2006


Andrea at hulaseventy has a great meme up right now that she left open to anyone wanting to be tagged. Being the meme lover that I am, I hopped right over to my blog and started my lists.

four jobs I’ve had:

*cashier at Abby's Pizza, Walla Walla, WA~I believe the protocol for being a cashier at Abby's was big hair. Only rocker chics were hired to work the register/stock the salad bar in the late 80's. I find this quite funny now because the uniforms were these pink aprons with a big skirt that had a puffy white collar shirt under them. It also came with a nurse style cap we would delicately attach behind our claw bangs.

*day care worker, Walla Walla and Cincinnati, OH~It amazes me I've held this job twice in my life, because I am not one of those people who love children. I love my own...but then even they irritate me on occasion. I should say, however, that both times I lasted at this job only a couple of months.

*booking agent/sound tech for Mars ILL, Indianapolis, IN~such an interesting placement for me because I had no experience whatsoever in booking or sound. But with Campus Crusade you are given a full time job where they need you if you dont have kids. And since my husband was in the group, it made sense for me to travel with him rather than with some other group. I didnt like this job, too much pressure getting the sound right (just memorizing which little tab to set the levels at doesnt quite work :) but I did enjoy traveling around the country and overseas with my husband. Little did I know I would later treasure those memories.

*assistant actor's agent at one of the top talent agencies in Atlanta, GA~ wow! what can i say about this one! (eyes shift back and forth wondering who might read this...) if my only job at the agency had been pulling headshots and booking actors I would have loved this. Actors and models are such interesting people, and the whole process of auditions, call backs and bookings is fascinating. I have always wanted to work in the entertainment industry and this helped to fulfill that desire. We booked actors on numerous films (Remember the Titans, The Gift, Cold Mountain, the Patriot) and for tv (Dawson's Creek, The Shield) as well as for independent films, commercials, voice over, and print. I loved it and I hated it (very high pressure) but it was probably the only job I like to admit I held!

four movies I can watch over and over:

*Say Anything (what can I say? One of the best of all time.)
*Bottlerocket (or any Wes Anderson film. Definitely my favorite writer/director)
*The Breakfast Club (classic)
*What About Bob (guilty pleasure on a Saturday afternoon)
**** and for my sappy love story epic....Legends of the Fall. Brad was beautiful, the story was heart wrenching, Im a sucker for lost loves. .. Just what they were hoping for in their audience.

four places I’ve lived:

*Walla Walla, WA~ "the town so nice they named it twice!" Yes, this is where I was born and raised, sowed my VERY wild oats, and the place I left never to return. (Except once a year to visit my mom and dad.)

*La Crescenta, CA~just north of LA near Pasadena and Glendale, I spent 11th grade ripped out of my natural habitat and plunked down in a culture I never knew existed. If the circumstances had been different it would have been an amazing experience. Unfortunately it was not. I did, however, make a wonderful friend whom I am still in touch with to this day, and I got to date a couple of surfer dudes.

*Rimrock, WA~ I spent six months (July-December 1992) living in the mountains at a retreat center called Ghormley Meadow. I had attended church camp there during high school, and when I decided my life was heading in the wrong direction I applied for a camp counselor position for a week of elementary kids camp. I then stayed on the following week, and the following week, and then joined the kitchen staff. At the end of the summer I asked if I could stay on longer and I ran the kitchen thru the fall and winter. No tv, no radio (except cd's or tapes) and only two phones. There were two married couples and 6 singles that worked after summer, and it was an amazing experience. I came to know Christ for real at that camp, and spent lots of time working out who I had been and who I would be when I left.

*Cincinnati, OH~beautiful city where I met my love...the Gap Outlet. No! Just kidding, although there is no Gap Outlet like the one in Cincinnati. But it is the city where I met and fell in love with Nate and it holds so many precious memories. The Wall, Eden Park, summer basketball camps, our first apartment, life on Carraway Lane, the sweet years of love.

four tv shows I love:

*The Office
*????("love" is a strong word!)

four places I’ve vacationed:

*Molokai, Hawaii~my grandparents owned a condo and lived on Molokai during my younger years so I went over twice with my family. At the time it was one of the least populated islands (have no idea what it is like now.) I remember it being beautiful and very different than anything I had experienced before. I learned to hula (I still remember part of one dance to this day) and I bought a book on learning to speak Pigeon (the natives speak in their own dialect and as a Haole I wanted to learn it.) Many great memories.

*South Africa~vacation/missions trip in 1999. It was a beautiful country, very similar in climate to Southern California. Apartheid had just ended, and let me tell you it was like revisiting the US at the end of the Civil Rights movement. Very educational, very shocking, and very humbling. There were some amazing moments and some very disappointing ones, but I will cherish the opportunity forever.

*Western Caribbean (cruise)~ we cruised for our honeymoon and then once more the week i found out i was pregnant with Lux. If you ever have the opportunity to cruise I highly recommend it. You can get some great deals, and it is like living in luxury!

*Florida~fun times in Miami, Orlando, Key West, and Tampa/Clearwater

four of my favorite foods:

*nachos, piled high
*macaroni and cheese (right now my favorite brand is the Walmart red box)
*vanilla ice cream with caramel topping and sprinkles
*steak, medium well, with fries

four albums I can't live without:

*"ProPain" Mars ILL (May 2nd release date)
*"Unique, Just Like Everyone Else" Deepspace 5
*"The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" Lauryn Hill
*U2's Greatest Hits

four sites I visit almost daily:

*marsill.com (if you like hip hop you should check out Mars ILL)
*tvguide.com (entertainment news)
*spoilerfix.com ( i have a "need to know" problem that encompasses many areas of my life)
*friend's blogs (cant pick or choose because there are many!)

four places I would rather be now:

*the thrift store shopping
*in bed sleeping
*at a spa getting the full treatment including a deep tissue massage
*back in time appreciating quality time with my husband

four items in my purse (bonus round courtesy ofmadness , via marigoldie and hulaseventy

*Rosebud Salve lip gloss
*hand sanitizer
*a cd of pictures I plan to develop someday
*some puff balls my daughter uses for crafts


Blogger andrea said...

love it! one thing I love about memes is that you really do learn cool things about people... even ones you already know really really well! this was so fun to read.

on the movie tip: I could've listed about 17 movies, I swear. I'd definitely add 'rushmore', 'say anything' and 'what about bob' to the list... and 'muriel's wedding'! oh and so many more! sheesh.

3:52 PM

Anonymous panther pawpaw said...

That was fun to read! It brought back memories when you mentioned carraway lane and summer basketball camps. What memories...great memories...where have all the years gone... thank you,Lord.

9:52 PM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

Walla Walla, WA??? My dad's family is from Pomeroy, WA. I lived there the first three years of my life, and still have family there. Man...it isn't every day when you find people who are from Southeastern, WA!!!

10:32 AM


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