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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Self Portrait Photobooth Things I LOVE!

And Things I LOVE Thursday, and even Self Portrait Tuesday, and all the other days I've missed! My dad is in town for Luxie's birthday (she turns 3 on Sunday...so crazy!!) so that is why Ive been gone. But I had to post something, I mean, it seems like forever since Ive blogged. That's pretty scary considering I posted on Sunday and it is now Saturday...one week and I cant take it...I...Must..Post...again... Hello, my name is Kendra and Im a blogaholic..

So although I have missed all of the deadlines, this post should cover all of them.

The Family, Christmas 2004

Since there are 4 photos, I decided to choose a different one for each special day. Obviously, the most revealing, honest photo of the bunch is #2, or "ghostfaced mama" as we like to call it at our place. A perfect shot for the "All Of Me" theme, so we will call that the Self Portrait Tuesday entry.

For Things I LOVE Thursday I love picture #4. I love my family, my sweet and sour girl and my hubby with the greatest sense of humor. And me, wedged in the middle, falling somewhere in the middle most of the time. I love them so much, and need to get back to the mall to get a new photo strip with Zaine in the mix!

The shot I would pick for Photobooth Friday would be #3. Way to capture the moment, photobooth! I love that Luxie is forever caught in the moment of the arched back beginning of a tantrum, proof of terrible "almost two's". And what is sparking this reaction? Hugs and love from mom and dad, (and a day at the mall waiting to see Santa prior to said photo sitting.)

So what does picture #1 represent? I have no idea.


Blogger andrea said...

so funny, I was just looking at this strip the other day on your refrigerator... hoping you'd post it soon because it's so cute! little did I know!

11:45 AM

Blogger AJ Fabulous said...

so fun! what a cute little family, and what fun personalities!

1:23 PM


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