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Friday, May 19, 2006

more stuff

1. as i was just looking at the photo i posted for mother's day i realized my mom is 29 in that photo....with an 8 year old. And i am 33 with a 3 year old and a baby. weird.

2. tvguide.com posted the Fall Preview for the networks and links to read about the new shows that will be coming out. you can go to http://online.tvguide.com/special/fallpreview2006/ to see the schedule and learn what made the cut. (sorry, it's been so long since i have posted a link properly that i have forgotten how to do it...)

3. i am really busy these days but cant figure out with what! life just seems to be moving by at a rapid pace! maybe due to all of the tv i have been watching with season finales and such. DONT FORGET! the LOST finale is this week!

4. Well, Nate has requested his computer back again....so until I can snatch it away again, that's all i got. He's busy working on his project with Sev. Sev is coming out next weekend to put the vocals down and then nate will mix the album.

Sorry this is such a lame post!


Blogger andrea said...

always so weird to me when I see photos of my mom as the age that I am now. especially because I can usually remember when she was that age and I remember thinking she seemed so much older to me then-- so much older than the age I feel now. does that make any sense?

10:03 AM


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